High Moonlight

High Moonlight

High Moonlight is a Brazilian heavy metal band with influences from Rainbow, Dio, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Sabbath and Accept, but with unique personality and characteristics that make it an original band without looking like a copy of the bands cited above.

So far they have released an EP in demo format, but with a good production that gives an idea of our musical proposal, our sound. There were seven handpicked songs, one in Portuguese and the other in English. They are currently on the SoundCloud platform, to check them out just search for the name of the band (High Moonlight) along with the name of one of their songs (High Moonlight Arcturians) for example or click the link below. It is worth checking this out before the  release of their first official album.

High Moonlight – Arcturians

High Moonlight – Let It Flow

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Band location – Sao Paulo Brazil

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