High Karate

High Karate

High Karate

High Karate is an original hard rock band from Boston Massachusetts. Our music is stoner influenced metal with RATM type twist on the vocals. 
We are all veterans of the New England music scene, playing and touring throughout New England with our previously successful bands. We started this project because we wanted to play in a band with proven musicians who liked playing good loud heavy music, and were also on the mature side of the fence and understood the challenges that comes with that (kids, jobs, mortgages, and other assorted adult type stuff). But we still wanted to rock! So we went forward recruiting members with that in mind.

Originally, we started playing straight punk/stoner rock, but eventually, through recruiting additional members, our sound started to morph based on our various influences.  we wanted the music to become a product of all of our inputs, whatever that might be. As such, our sound ventures more into the stoner/metal/rapcore genres. We didn’t want to dictate to accomplished musicians how to play their instruments or interpret a song, and most of all we wanted everyone to feel included and have fun!

We’ve been playing gigs now around Boston and Providence since August 2016, including the Boston Freedom Festival on the Boston Commons. In the Fall of 2016 we recorded a 4 song EP, which we’ve loaded to Soundcloud for free.

​We hope you dig the noises we make! Thank you for visiting our site! Check out our music and come to a show!!

High Karate Swallow Me Whole

High Karate – Set It Forget It

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