“Welcome to Salem”

Hexing was formed in East Helsinki at the beginning of 2021 under the name Salem by Riku Siisiäinen, Ossi Kylliäinen and Mio Asimont. Ben Kejonen and Daniel Gamache joined shortly after and the band began working on new material right away. The name Salem was later changed to Hexing before the band’s first concert. After playing multiple concerts in the fall Daniel Gamache decided to leave the band before the album was recorded and he was replaced by Tuure Suomalainen, who recorded many of the guitar solos featured on Welcome to Salem. The current line up consist of Riku Siisiäinen, Mio Asimont, Tuure Suomalainen , Ossi Kylliäinen and Ben Kejonen

In spring and summer, Hexing performs in Finland. Sometime later, Hexing also heads to other parts of Europe. Have a nice summer!

  1. Welcome to Salem
  2. Shutdown brain
  3. Burn this city
  4. Death may die
  5. Scream
  6. Servants of Belial
  7. Whore of Babylon
  8. Choose me or choose death
  9. Kill list
  10. Schizophrenia

Line up:

Riku Siisiäinen (Vocals)
Mio Asimont (Guitar)
Tuure Suomalainen (Guitar)
Ossi Kylliäinen (Drums)
Ben Kejonen (Bass)

Hexing – Welcome To Salem

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