From The Ashes
Release: 13 May 2022

For fans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Gojira, Draconian, Lacuna Coil

“This album has been an opportunity for us to form our unique sound and experiment with new aspects of songwriting. This is the first time we are trying to introduce Farsi lyrics in a couple of our songs, opening up more space for us to connect with our audience. Trying to add layers of atmospheric and electronic sound design, in addition to the utilization of more acoustic instruments, enabled us to execute a more dramatic performance and listening experience.” – Heterochrome

“A diamond in the rough? A buried treasure in the deserts? Call it what you want, but overall, this album (Melancholia) is a statement which puts Heterochrome on the musical map.”- Trebuchet Magazine

“I don’t know for sure how dangerous it is for a band like Heterochrome to craft their music in Iran, but it seems that they’re more than ready to take all possible risks in the name of Heavy Metal.” – The Headbanging Moose

“It’s (Melancholia) a Fantastic Album. The songs with Angelic voices and simple Progressive composition.” – Metal4092

The writing and production of this album took 4 years to complete, and it was recorded in multiple countries: Iran, Finland, Canada, Spain, and South Korea, while the Mastering took place in Russia. Unlike the first album, this album features a lot of recorded acoustic instruments including live acoustic Drums and Cello.

After Arash and Mida left Iran in 2018 there was a period of uncertainty about the future of the band and the songs they have made. But after taking a break and doing their own work they eventually figured out a remote setup to write their songs and eventually started writing and recording again.

In 2020, Mida wrote, directed, produced, and performed an independent short movie called “Of Doubt and Hope” which featured the song “Through Evil Within”, enacting the experience of a panic attack on camera, which was showcased at the Cultch Theatre’s “Ignite Youth Festival”.

Track Listing:

  1. برای فردا (Baraye Farda, For Tomorrow) – 3:39
  2. بادبادک (Badbadak, The Flight) – 3:28
  3. Rage Against The People – 4:34
  4. WOTB – 4:10
  5. The Bearing – 4:29
  6. Transition – 2:22
  7. Time’s Up – 3:06
  8. Through Evil Within – 5:03
  9. سرگردان (Sargardan, Wanderer) – 3:20
  10. The Outlaw – 7:20

Album length: 41:21


Album Recording Credits:

  • All songs performed by: Heterochrome
  • All songs written by: Heterochrome
  • Recorded by: Arash Rezaei, Amir Taghavi, Reza Sadeghi
  • Produced by: Arash Rezaei
  • Mixed by: Arash Rezaei
  • Mastered by: Danny Klaven
  • Album Artwork by: Banafshe Najafi
  • Graphic Design by: Ghazal Jenab


Album Band Line Up:

– Mohammadreza (Arash) Rezaei – Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizer
– Mida Malek – Vocals
– Mohammad Mirboland – Drums
– Ville Veihola – Electric Bass
– Lisa Yihwan Lim (BigViolinPlayer) – Cello

Heterochrome – The Bearing

Heterochrome – Badbadak (The Flight)

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