Hellfekted – Interview

Hellfekted – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: What type of artist are you?

Chris: We don’t like labelling ourselves as specific sub-genres because at the end of the day, metal is metal! But if it had to be narrowed down it would have to be Blackened Thrash but if it sounds heavy and evil, it goes in a song regardless of what genre it fits in.


PD: Tell us a brief history of yourself?

Liam: We all met on night outs in stoke and then we started taking and I (Liam) was in a band with no members because everyone didn’t cut it and wanted different things so I got them both in but Myles and Chris has the same frame of mind we’re all messed up in the head and we all love evil stuff we have the same attitude where we we don’t care what people think and we clicked it’s vary rare to find members like that where you all want the same dream and you all want the same sound and like we always say we’re a evil bunch of fucked up fuckers and we are Hellfekted and proud! 


PD: Who are your musical influences? 

Chris: As a whole we all have almost a carbon copy when it comes to music influence, we all love the same bands.

A lot of our influence comes from old school thrash and death metal like, Metallica, Exodus, Bolt Thrower, Lich King, Skeleton Witch, Death, Burzum the list is endless. When it comes to my personal influence it has to be Cliff Burton there’s no contest as a musician and as a person, he lived life his own way and to hell with what people think of it he was a masterful musician and an amazing human being. He’s the reason I wanted to become a bass player.

Liam: Chuck from death literally made me change the way I did with being a musician the way he plays the way he screams and such a kind hearted dude who played in such a evil band hes literally my inspiration to everything and always will be RIP chuck!

Myles: My favourite drummer is Jason Bitner. I’ve been influenced by Jassince I started drumming when he was in Shadows Fall, he uses simple techniques but work brilliantly well along with his dynamic ability


PD: What are your dream goals in life?

Liam: Our dream goals in life is that we want live the life of travelling the world playing shows meeting new people and leaving our shitty jobs, we want to be able to wake up and go we’ve got a 3 month tour with a friends and family coming with!


PD: Who writes the songs and what are they about?

Liam: I write the lyrics in the songs but if I’m in writers block then I’ll ask Chris but the lyrics are mainly me so when I create them it’s can be about a range of stuff mainly to do with war and death but how the world has become corrupt in itself and evil spreads along the lands and people are dying for others doing like with the song Fractured it speaks about us being in a fractured world and life is at a cost and all the evil is just flowing through our gains because we grow into seeing the evil thinking it’s okay to do so stuff that’s the truth and about the world but creating the song we tend to go in practice and we let it flow out of us like nothing so we all put stuff into the songs and leave each song with a piece of ourselves into it and we’ve made a killer song within 10 minutes and then we just poke at it to see if anything we can add or change and then just get the feeling for it 


PD: How do you promote your band and shows? 

Liam: We promote our music on everything we post our stuff on pages and share stuff loads where it can get a good response, we’re never stopping we’re always just thinking of new ways of getting our band or shows around thinking what needs to be done next on getting us about then we find it and then spread our selves to do with that!


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

Chris: Personally I think it helps a lot of people find new music. Whether it be legal or…not it makes it easier for people to stumble across new music and bands that back in the days of vinyl and cassettes (not that they were bad days it was the golden age of metal) they might not have ever heard of. I know theres a lot of controversy surrounding supporting artists by buying their music and we fully support that especially with being working musicians ourselves but the main thing it boils down to is music. We don’t write music for financial gain or to become famous, we write it because it is us, it’s the part of us that can’t be put into normal words and also the darkest parts of us. It’s for people to listen to at the end of it all, yes by all means support your artists and stealing is still stealing but I dont see it as a personal attack to the artists when this is done, people who acquire music regardless of method are the reason we write it and they are what keeps an artist going, yeah sure money helps a lot but it would be nothing without fans.


PD: What song do you wish you had written and why?

Chris: Now once I’ve explained this I can assure you Liam and Myles will agree with me. Last Stand of Humanity by Bolt Thrower, fuck is that song heavy. It throws you into a flurry of death metal instantly and transitions into the heaviest, headbanginest riff ever! Now I know it’s a war song as most Bolt Thrower songs are but the lyrics translate the modern world. Humanity, caring for people and being moral and fighting for what you believe in is something the world is short on these days, it says to me that what we have will not last and will certainly die out unless you fight for it till your last breath.


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

Myles: I’d say one of my pet peeves is muscians bringing other musicians down or being eletist about what genre/style they play. Just enjoy the music it’s all about progress!


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

Myles: My proudest moment in music would be playing with Ingested, they are a great metal band from my hometown in Manchester and those guys know to to hit heavy!

As a band the proudest moment is just hearing a completed song, knowing that we all made this music ourselves is like a childhood dream come true and is something that every musician regardless of genre or instrument should take a huge amount of pride in.


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

We are currently working on the new debut album Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood and a line of merchandise planned for release early 2020!


PD: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there?

Our next shows are in Cardiff, Bristol, London and Hanley and you should be there because it will be evil and we want to get some movement in the pit! 

If you come to our shows, come and say hi to us! We love the chance to meet more and more people as we start to branch out and play to a wider crowd!

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