Still Intact
Release: 25 June 2021

New Haven-based Alternative artist/producer HEELE has released gritty new single “Still Intact” June 25th on digital platforms. On this guitar-driven track, HEELE goes back in time to illuminate the present.

From the Artist:
“The inspiration for this song came from a long-lost home video of my early childhood.
Lyrically, I’ve tried to reconcile the emotions that it conjured up within me while watching it for
the first time.”

HEELE occupies an intersectional space between alternative rock, metal, and industrial music
and is the project of Michael Henss, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer based out
of New Haven, CT. Michael also plays drums with the band Hellrazor and although HEELE has
been his primary creative outlet since 2015, it’s intended to slowly evolve into a collective of
like-minded musicians. By day he works as a music educator, composer for television, and
freelance audio engineer.

HEELE can be loosely classified as alternative rock, but in a similar vein to musicians who
explore darker textures and themes within their music. HEELE’s debut EP “Pathos” was released
on May 14, 2019, and it featured the single Losing It All, a lyrically melancholic recollection of
an emotionally intense dream. On February 22, 2021, HEELE released the single A New Friend,
a frantic musical journey that explored anxiety and feelings of exclusion. This track, as well as
the upcoming single Still Intact (6/25/21) will eventually culminate with the release of HEELE’s
second EP in late 2021.

HEELE – Still Intact

HEELE – A New Friend

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