Heavy On The Ride – The Untitled Interview

Heavy On The Ride are releasing their new single ‘Untitled’ on the 29th November 2021. We stole a few moments with the band to talk about the release and what the future holds for the experimental rock trio from Swansea.

PD: ‘Untitled’ comes out in just over a week’s time, odd name for a single, is there any particilar reason for the name?

HOTR: Yes it’s actually called Untitled haha. The bulk of the track was written over ten years ago in our early days, but it didn’t get finished until we wanted to pick it back up to put on our debut album. At the time we had many songs and working titles for them and this particular one was left without one – untitled – and so it was easiest to remember and refer to as that. After writing the lyrics we decided that Untitled actually fit it well as a name because the whole track is about not knowing, so we left it at that.


PD: Tell us some more about the track.

HOTR: It was recorded at The Red Walls Recording Studio in Swansea, which is also our rehearsal space and where the track was written. The track must have been recorded about five years ago and features our first drummer Mathew Ham on drums. It also features Phil Humphreys of Lethargy as guest vocalist.


PD: What about production duties?

HOTR: It was produced by the band, and mixed and mastered by Phil Humphreys at his Little Emperor Studio in Neath.


PD: What made you decide to release ‘Untitled’ now?

HOTR: Whilst it was our intention to have Untitled on our debut album, since Jason joined the band (Jason Young – Drums) we’ve decided to slightly change our release plans. Untitled is now being released as part of a 4 track rarities EP, which will be available December 18th from our band camp. It will feature 3 other tracks which were recorded in the same sessions with Mathew.


PD: Oh yes, the debut album, what is the situation there?

HOTR: As for our album, we are headed back to the studio at the end of January (Joe’s Garage in Bristol) to re-record some tracks with Jason on drums as well as new material we’ve been working on. We started recording there this May and will be looking to finish two releases worth of tracks in the coming months.


PD: It ‘s all sounding pretty busy for you then, have you already got a lot material for the album?

HOTR: We’ve been sitting on a lot of tracks for some time now and to almost make up for lost time we’re going to be releasing music a lot more frequently in 2022, so keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be a busy year!


PD: Many thanks for the chat, good luck with the new single and the forthcoming album.

HOTR: Cheers Pete

Untitled is released on 29th November 2021 and will be available from the band’s socials below

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