Head of Clay

Addictive new single – “Janey”
From Melbourne Rockers Head of Clay
Out his Friday 5 February 2021

Dynamic Melbourne four piece Head of Clay are back with their latest single Janey and accompanying video which releases independently this Friday, the 5th February.

Causing a stir in the local rock scene with their previous 3 singles, Janey delivers a classic well crafted “Aussie Rock” anthem with infectious melodies, sing along choruses and soulful vocals. In contrast to the fresh vibe of the track, lyrically, Janey has more serious undertones and explores the struggles of dependency.

Singer David Trimboli on the track. “Janey discusses the concept of addiction in its varying forms and how a reliance on this external force, whether it be drugs, money, power or whatever your poison is; can be your undoing. Addiction can affect people from all walks of life but the end result is always the same. Janey is a metaphor for how easy it is to be stripped of your worth and leave you with nothing.”

The accompanying video for the track was shot on location in Melbourne at both the Infinity Room at Kindred Studios and an inner city hotel room and plays out the narrative of the track with drummer Carlos Meza as the embodiment of Janey.

“With Carlos as Janey we wanted to portray in both a fun/cynical way the lyrical themes of the song. The sense of power and security over Janey experienced by the characters in the video is quickly lost as things take a turn for the worst, as is often the case with addiction. We had a real blast shooting the clip and the two locations provided the perfect contrast for us to tell our story” States Trimboli.

Janey is available at all good online retailers and streaming services as well as the Head of Clay Bandcamp store, with the video on the Head of Clay Youtube page.

Head of Clay is:
Vocals/Guitar: David Trimboli
Bass/Vocals: Walter Zamuner
Guitar/Vocals: Pravesh KC
Drums: Carlos Meza

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