Hausers is like an art laboratory: in the beginning, the three of us had our own solo projects. Then, when we got together, we started this great virtual band where visual art and music are merged. Now we’re about to release our first single but, in the meantime, you’ll get pieces of our visual art, with the intent to communicate the same visions that we have when we compose. Try to think and sing in your head: would it be the same song as ours?

In the spring of 2016, three musicians from Milan, Italy, decided to make music as an art laboratory of art experience. They started experimenting a peculiar way of composing, barely meeting, and making music remotely from their houses: Hausers was born and since then, dozens of home recorded songs were given birth and each one of these brilliant pieces of music deserve to be discovered. Hausers’ first record is about to come out and hit the mark for new experimentation in home recording rock music.

Hausers – Phoung Mai

Hausers – Leo

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