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Hateful Bones

hateful bones

Since forming in 2000, HatefulBones has delivered heavy-hitting, original rock music that is truly one of a kind, with heart-felt lyrical content; and an inspiring story of over-coming and survival of real “life battles”. It’s evolving line-up has enabled the musicianship and creativity to thrive, with each new member always bringing something special to the table.

Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, this well-known group has a large fan base, with their message reaching several countries, ages, races, and people all over the world. Stay up to date with them on all the main social media sites (twitter, reverbnation, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc). With thousands of gigs played over the years, HatefulBones has established their love for music and share it with anyone that will hear it! Festivals, charities, benefits, parties, rock-&-remodels, and battle of the bands are some of the shows the group has performed. Their costumes/make-up, light-shows, and unique stage presence ensures a rare one of a kind performance each and every time!

HatefulBones has two demos released, “Bring the $h*t”, and “You’re on Your Own”. Their upcoming cd “Because I Can” is in the works, and a release date will be announced … So stay tuned!! Keep rockin! *The #music is #family! #Netrocking #hope, #peace & #love to the masses!!!

Hateful Bones – No Refund

Hateful Bones – Proud Man

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