Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher Release ‘Juniper Sunday’ on 15th April

From the 2021 Album Bone Architecture comes the haunting and melancholic ode to lost love that is Juniper Sunday. which was considered one of the highlights from last years Album. Harry Stays this of the title song:

‘Juniper Sunday’, is my favourite track from the Album, ‘Bone Architecture’ by Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher. It’s one of the jazzier cuts from the album. Along with some cool vibraphones there is the astonishing trumpet of Kevin G Davy who brings further layers of the blues to the story of Juniper Sunday.

Harry Stafford penned the tale of a girl he once knew from the 80s,  “It’s ultimately a sad song as Juniper is long gone now, and I only knew a few moments of her life which were glorious and so worth celebrating. She was the one who you were glad got away, but you might always love the most.”

Maybe it’s a Ruby Tuesday song or an Eleanor Rigby song in context, but often these are the saddest songs of all. Harry Stafford.

With a remix and a collection of new tracks there are three new tunes which span the styles and interests of Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher, from Jazz and blues to Latin and post punk.

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher have never actually met in the flesh. But they are punk soul brothers from the same muddy musical pond.
With a year long’s pandemic, it’s been a long time in the wilderness, a musical ennui that we have called ‘lock down hell’… but in times of musical drought, creative people get to reach out online and make things happen.
So, that’s how Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher ‘met up’. Primarily it was to exchange ideas and talk about their musical influences. But after a while it soon became apparent that there was more to the ideas and wild notions, they were creating than a mere shared love of Swing, Be-bop, blues, post punk, trash and all the untamed genres in between.
Now, as the innovative, juices began to boil, there was a frenetic exchange of digital files zinging back and forth across the Atlantic, and in no time, what materialised was a twelve track Album, Bone Architecture, that both of them had been itching to make . . . 

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher – Horror Film House

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher – Bone Architecture

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher – Termite City

Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher – There’s Someone tryin’ to get in

Harry Stafford – Gothic Urban Blues

Harry Stafford – Black Rain

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