Harmonize – Warrior In The Night

Harmonize – Warrior In The Night

HARMONIZE – album “Warrior in the night” (2 Οctober 2020, self-release)

  1. Warriors in Line (Intro)
    2. Never Back Down
    3. Warrior in the Night
    4. Angel
    5. The Astonishing End
    6. Tonight
    7. Crawling Among Shadows
    8. Beyond Darkness (Outro)
    9. Angel (Acoustic)

Harmonize is a band from Cyprus, formed in 2012, standing on the point, where heavy metal meets power metal and thrash metal.

This music amalgam has even more ingredients though, since the band demonstrates in its debut album its epic metal, doom metal and extreme metal influences. If you listen to the album’s songs, you will understand that the band plays in the vein of Metallica, Iced Earth, Annihilator, Savatage, Iron Maiden and Manowar, having long compositions with a complex structure and a majestic tone.

Harmonize’s music is like a riddle, which waits to be solved. As soon as you get in the mood of the songs, a new, wonderful cosmos will be revealed, a beautiful soundscape will shock you! Great guitar riffs, melodic hooks, solid rhythms and catchy refrains are some of the characteristics of the band’s personal sound, which is displayed in inspired songs, like “Warrior in the Night”, “Angel”, “Tonight”, “The Astonishing End” and the album’s magnum opus, “Crawling Among Shadows”.

Harmonize has a great musicianship and a momentous passion, which result in a pompous sonic signature. Thus, the listener gets impressed and soon is mesmerized by the might and the melodic genius of the Cypriot band.

To sum up, if you are into anthemic, majestic, galloping heavy/power/thrash metal, you will love this release, which combines power with melody and is based on complicated songs – don’t be afraid, you won’t get tired, as the album remains interesting until the last second!

A great start for Harmonize.

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