Hard Disk Drive – Immortal Nightmares

Hard Disk Drive – Immortal Nightmares

HARD DISK DRIVE , album “Immortal Nightmares”, (4 October 2021- self release).

Hard Disk Drive – Immortal Nightmares teaser

HARD DISK DRIVE , album “Immortal Nightmares”, (4 October 2021- self release)

HARD DISK DRIVE from Peloponnese, Greece are about to release their debut album Immortal Nightmares on October 4th, 2021. The album is the successor of 2 very nice EPs that were released in the Heavy Metal underground in 2015 and 2020 respectively. The band premiered just yesterday a lyric video for the first single coming out of the album. The single is called Babylon Nephilim and it is a very good example of what you are going to listen to on Immortal Nightmares.

That’s Traditional Heavy Metal music with many Doom Metal elements and some Gothic Metal influences. HARD DISK DRIVE come from a very strong Heavy Metal background. This means that all the classic bands of the genre exist within their spectrum. Bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, DIO, ACCEPT/U.D.O., METALLICA and of course BLACK SABBATH do appear here and there in the album be it in a riff or in a bassline or in the vocal mix of a track, but HARD DISK DRIVE also have a modern approach for their music that brings together the Heavy Metal tradition of the 70’s and 80’s up to 1990 with the sound of PARADISE LOST, ANATHEMA and POISONBLACK.

Immortal Nightmares has many lead guitar parts which is really nice and advances the band’s songwriting. I remember a period in the early 00’s when Heavy Metal bands kinda backed off of adding solos to their songs. So, it is very welcoming to see the guitars being used to produce leads again. HARD DISK DRIVE don’t hesitate to even add several solos within the same song and all are perfectly executed and fit within the structure of their tracks.

Other than that, the vocals of HARD DISK DRIVE are based on the classic Heavy Metal ways with some goth references, and the riffs are really cool and effective throughout the whole album. HARD DISK DRIVE create memorable songs and nice doom and gloom atmosphere. The production is very solid and stands out of the many mediocre productions we get to hear these days.

Standout tracks of Immortal Nightmares are the single “Babylon Nephilim” and then “Fragile Innocence”, “I Only Say Goodbye” and “Ebony Sadness”. But believe me the whole album is a really great experience!  The Greeks recorded a very cool Heavy/Doom/Goth Metal album that fans of all these genres will surely dig. Check them out!

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