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The seeds of HANDS OF INDUSTRY were sown in 2009 when drummer Adam Industri joined Yorkshire electro/indie outfit Section ii alongside keyboardist and vocalist Paul Carter. The band gained something of a cult following in their native Leeds but as members departed the band ground to a halt in 2014. However, Paul and Adam both realised that there was plenty more to achieve. Shunning guitars in favour of a purely synthesiser-led sound, they immediately locked themselves into the studio to start creating their ‘new’ musical identity.

​Almost immediately it became apparent that they might be on to something with a stunning new song ‘Joined’ being all but written within the first hour. Others songs soon followed as they began to put create their own electronic wall of sound and develop a live set of new material.

Just what to call themselves remained somewhat elusive until – inspired by their Northern ‘industrial’ sound together with Adam’s tendency to pose with outstretched hands in photographs – they came up with the name of Hands of Industry. The band’s impressive live performances soon began to create a buzz in and around their native Yorkshire, persuading the guys to record and release a home-made album, Killing the Yes Men – a collection that seems destined to become something of  a collector’s item! They also put together an acclaimed video to accompany their recording of ‘Joined’.

Several successful live forays to London followed, where the band caught the ear of veteran TV presenter and musical entrepreneur Steve Blacknell who was impressed enough to take the band under his management wing.

​Things really began to take off in 2016, firstly with the arrival of keyboard whiz Brad Gray and then the development of a songwriting and studio partnership with renowned producer and arranger Ian Curnow, who has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, East 17, Take That and Talk Talk.

The vast range of musical styles that have helped mould the sound of Hands of Industry perhaps help explain why they are so much more than just another electronic band. Naturally enough, giants of synthesiser-led music, such as Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and New Order are favourites of the band.

The post-punk of Joy Divsion and Echo and the Bunnymen, the goth rock of The Sisters of Mercy, the Britpop of The Charlatans and Suede, and the Neue Deutsche Härte of Rammstein, have all played a part in fashioning the band’s musical and lyrical content.

The ’90s rave explosion, where rock music and dance coalesced, also had a profound effect on the band, giving the inspiration to the driving acoustic rhythms that underpin the bands dark and unconventional lyrical imagery.

The band want to prove that music transcends all, and that hard work pays dividends. As frontman Paul Carter says: “We want to communicate to people through our songs, and we want people to start to develop a sense of value in music again… that it connects with them personally. and is not just ‘catchy’. What makes Hands of Industry different, is that we mean what we do, really mean it, and we really want to resurrect identity through musical affiliation. We might not be able to save the world, but we believe we can be part of saving the musical landscape, and preserving the traditions and values that gave us the true legends of music such as Hendrix, Bowie, The Stones, The Beatles.”

In March 2017. to the surprise of everyone, Adam quit the band . Carter said: “We were sad but to see Adam go and we wish him well for the future, but Brad and will carry on the momentum we have been building up over the last six months or so. There is our debut single for the Universal Music family due for imminent release plus a string of live dates. We have also been working on lots of new material which will form the core of our new album… these are very exciting times.”

Hands of Industry – The Boy Is Gone

Hands of Industry – Joined

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