Hand of Fate – Messengers of Hope

Hand of Fate – Messengers of Hope

Hand of Fate – Messengers of Hope (self-released, April 6 2017)

  1. No Plaything
  2. Messengers of Hope
  3. Enchanted
  4. Temptation
  5. Touched By An Angel
  6. The Gift
  7. Fading Dreams
  8. A Time I Was Free

Hand of Fate is a symphonic heavy metal band from Greece. Their songwriting is based on creating etherial melodic lines over heavy/doom riffs of Candlemass quality in which they add progressive and symphonic music elements basically making a clever use of the synths. The female vocals are of symphonic, neoclassical and operatic quality.

“Messengers of Hope” features songs of excellent songwriting like the opening track “Enchanted” which dwells between the occult doom/heavy metal mood of King Diamond/Mercyful Fate works and a gothic atmosphere.

Other songs like the same titled “Messengers of Hope” bring back the 90’s early doom/death feeling and bands like old Anathema and Paradise Lost. The songwriting of this one with the slow, doomy riff sequence and the melodies coming from the synths, which are a trademark of that era, make a very beautiful combination.

The whole album is romantically dreamy. It has heavy themes and it has romantic themes. When the band’s new wave/dark wave influences blend with goth and metal beautiful songs like for example the closing “A Time I was Free” are created. The song is deeply emotional and Hand of Fate seem to use the right way all their expressive means.

To sum up “Messengers of Hope” is a quality album in its genre. It has all the necessary doom and heavy metal riffs which are used as the ground to build upon, it has really great melodies coming from the synths and the extremely warm and beautiful vocals. The general atmosphere of the album is gothic and I believe that fans of gothic metal and symphonic metal music have to dive in!

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