Halflives Tackle Burning Questions With New Single “everybody knows it”

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With the biggest year of their career so far under their belts in 2022, including huge tours and almost 10 million streams on Spotify alone, Halflives are kicking off 2023 with another huge reveal. 

Their new single, “everybody knows it”, sees Linda Battilani reflecting on the climate crisis and the behaviour of people the world over. It’s a song full of powerful messages, wrapped in the huge melodies, soaring hooks and earworm forming riffs that have become the Halflives trademark over the last few years. Check out the video for everybody knows it here:

For more detail about everybody knows it, here’s what Linda had to say:

“”everybody knows it” is a warning message for everybody to open their eyes in front of what’s happening and what we’re doing to our home, our planet. We consume, we destroy and we pollute, and most people don’t realise the worst is closer than what we think if we don’t do anything. I truly believe it’s our generation who’s gonna face the consequences of all this and I feel like my days are numbered. The end of the world is probably the thing that scares me the most and that’s why I decided to write a song about this.

Be conscious, open your eyes, I’m sure that none of us wants to see the apocalypse.

Musically speaking I naturally decided to go for something more punkish as I picture this as a message of riot and rebellion against our governments who aren’t doing enough about the environment and everything is so damn focused around war, while the real war we should be fighting is another one.”

Halflives new single, everybody knows it, is released today (27th of January). To stream everybody knows it on your digital platform of choice, please use this link

The release of everybody knows it is the first step on what is set to be Halflives biggest year so far. Their two huge hit singles from last year, sorry mom x and Dynamite, are available to check out on the following links – sorry mom x videoDynamite video. .

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