Geneva’s supergroup H E X are set to release their debut album on May 25th and WE CANNOT WAIT for you to discover this gem of cold-psych-industrial beauty.
“When I heard the songs for the first time I was stunned” says vocalist and guitarist Laure Betris. “To me, the idea of adding vocals to them songs seemed like the right thing to do. Add to that some twisted compositions, an insane production work, some serious melodic strength, and you get an album like no other.”
H E X were founded in Geneva in 2011 by Vincent Hänggi, Alex Muller Ramirez and Adriano Perlini. Having previously played in acclaimed bands such as Equus and Commodore, the pared-down rock trio (consisting of drums and two guitars) set about shaping the abrasive sound of this latest project, infusing it with a dense, linear and repetitive quality. Vincent Devaud (Equus, Shelving, Forceed) and Nicola Todeschini (Shora) joined the group the following year, expanding the instrumentation to include a bass and extra guitar. After a series of noteworthy live shows, the new five-piece line-up decided to work with a more sophisticated array of sounds: boosting the rhythm section with electronic instruments and replacing the bass guitar with synthesizers. This new incarnation of the band toured Switzerland, sharing the stage with artists such as Spacemen 3 and The Soft Moon, before starting work on their self-produced first record under Vincent Hänggi’s direction. The album’s process was ambitious in its desire to fully exploit modern recording techniques in order to morph their original compositions into something new, thereby amplifying the intense, epic and psychedelic character of these tracks. Following Adriano Perlini’s departure, Laure Betris (Kassette) joined the group in 2016, whose delicate voice brings a bewitching dimension to the ensemble. Hummus Records will be releasing the first record by this third line-up on 25 May 2018.
As far as debut albums go, this one is particularly compelling. HEX’s five members have concocted their epic and brutalist poetry with a skill that only a glimpse at their past achievements gets close to explaining. While the record’s nocturnal mood and fascination for cyclical motifs recalls some of the band members’ earlier work, HEX weave a very singular kind of magic, charming the listener in unique – and enduring – ways. Behind the quasi-orchestral sound are heavy, propulsive beats relentlessly driven by drums, a sequencer and gritty guitars. From these beats emerge, in hallucinatory clouds, synthetic chords and spectral incantations. Fully in charge of their sound, HEX are masters of the spectacular – which brings to mind Hollywood film music of the last 40 years (the tensely dramatic kind that owes as much to György Ligeti as to John Carpenter). And despite the warped melodies and a sinister tone that evokes the nebulous Rock In Opposition movement (particularly Univers Zero), the music’s instrumental energy seems akin to the spirit of EBM. Finally, with the music’s 4AD-like otherworldly aspect, and a punch inherited from hardcore punk, it is impossible not to be taken in by the magnetic rigour and stunning contemporary power of these four tracks. A maximalist tour de force for the 21st century.
Laure Betris – guitars, vocals
Vincent Devaud – synths
Vincent Hänggi – drums, electronics
Alex Muller Ramirez – guitars, vocals
Nicola Todeschini – guitars
11.05.18 La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) @ Bikini Test
12.05.18 Basel (CH) @ Czar Of Crickets Festival, Kaserne  w/ Tryptikon
24.05.18 Geneva (CH) @ Kalvingrad w/ Buzz Kull
26.05.18 Porrentruy (CH) @ Galerie du Sauvage w/ Coilguns
27.05.18 Bern (CH) @ bee-flat im PROGR
17.07.18 Nyon (CH) @ Paléo Festival w/ Depeche Mode

H E X – album teaser

H E X – album teaser II

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