Gun Taking on the World

Gun – Taking On The World

  1.  Better Days
  2. The Feeling Within
  3. Inside Out
  4. Money (Everybody Loves Her
  5. Taking On the World
  6. Shame On You
  7. Can’t Get Any Lower
  8. Something To Believe In
  9. Girls In Love
  10. I Will Be Waiting

Gun’s, 1989 album, ‘Taking on the World’ , still holds up strongly as one of the best debut albums ever. Producing 5 singles and giving the band the much deserved media attention they needed, this album is a masterpiece of the rock/pop rock genre.

Opening with the lead single ‘Better Days’, this catchy, rocking number shows singer Mark Rankin laying down a manifesto of positivity, as he sings about hopes and dreams in a troubled world. ‘The Feelin’ Within’ is next and the listener is treated to another catchy and clever song. Heavy, solid drumming, a great chorus and gutsy guitar work make this a very good track. ‘Inside Out’ rocks in your face next, Rankin is a little guilty of doing a Jim Kerr impression on the verses.  ‘Money (Everybody Loves Her)’ starts off with a tasty guitar intro accompanied by a drum-beat that sets the tone for the hypnotic echo-like chorus. The title track is a slower affair, revealing  the struggles of a young band trying to make it from the streets of Glasgow, “I swear they will never break me…taking on the world” Total brilliance.

Side 2 brings us the superb ‘Shame on You’ yet another track that will have you singing along. There is no slowing down as we move into ‘Something to Believe In’ with its anthemic verses and thumping chorus that builds and builds. ‘Can’t Get Any Lower’ with its brilliant guitar intro which remains in the background until the sing-a-long chorus grabs you. ‘Girls in Love’ sticks to the winning formula The album closes with the haunting ‘I Will Be Waiting’ yet again another stonker of a track.

So all in all ‘Taking on the World’ for me has no faults what-so-ever. Ten tracks that produced five singles, each of which was arguably worthy of being released. The album is helped by the mesmerising backing vocals of a young Sharleen Spiteri (of Texas fame) who also happens to be Mark Rankin’s cousin. The album has excellent production work by Kenny MacDonald. ‘Taking on the World’ also has the accolade of making Classic Rock’s list of 150 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time.

Pete Devine November 2016