Guerrilla Ghost


Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here

1. Gatekeeper
2. I Don’t Like People Playing on My Phone
3. Money Making Mitch (feat. Rec Riddles)
4. 30 Pieces of Silver
5. Apocapapadopoulypse (feat. Katana da Don)
6. Lilies of the Field
7. Pillar of Salt
8. Easter Bunny
9. Fifth Heaven (feat. NilexNile and Taiyamo Denku)
10. Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos (feat. Big Lo)
11. Bethlehem in B Minor
12. Giuliani is My Safe Word (feat. Taj Raiden)
13. Keymaster

Eclectic. Aggressive. Prolific. These are a few of the words that have been continuously used to describe Milwaukee’s Guerrilla Ghost. Having been active since 2017, the duo (which is composed of producer Tron Jovi and vocalist Bad Graphics Ghost) have amassed a catalog that rivals contemporaries with twice the tenure.
Now entering five years of existence, Guerrilla Ghost plan on celebrating this milestone achievement by offering two brand new albums in 2022. Their third full length is menacingly titled Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here and is out today via Triple Eye Industries (stream / order). As with their previous efforts, the album showcases continued growth and unwavering talent from a group highly proficient in their craft. As if traversing new sonic and vocal terrain wasn’t enough, this time around they branched into new realms of subject matter, most notably religion and spirituality, which serves as the main theme of the record.

Guerrilla Ghost are also completing their currently untitled fourth full length, tentatively due for release in late 2022. “We’re going to keep stacking a massive catalog, one-upping ourselves each time,” says Tron Jovi “I’m just glad to be making music with someone who has a similar perspective and aesthetic and allows me to make these strange audio landscapes.” Bad Graphics Ghost echoes that sentiment, saying “As long as we have the technology and the voice, we’ll ride this beast until the wheels fall off. We agree that we’ve accomplished practically everything we’ve set out to do, so at this point in our career we’re pretty much looking down on a sky that was once the limit.”

The remix version of the album, featuring Oakland producer Ian Miller (bassist of Kowloon Walled City), Chicago punk icons The Mons, Michigan noise rockers Them Teeth and Milwaukee hip hop producer Spacecrime, among many others, will be released on Friday, May 6.

04/29/22 – Cudahy, WI at X-Ray Arcade
06/18/22 – Racine, WI at The VoidABOUT GUERRILLA GHOST

Watch “Fifth Heaven (feat. NilexNile & Taiyamo Denku)”

“This song tells the story of someone who has endured a lifetime of hardship yet still finds the means to rise above. A world of peace and prosperity is within reach. The production is a nod to Kanye West before Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. We enlisted two of our favorite Milwaukee artists for help with bringing this vision to life. The message is to rise above and keep fighting. Never give up.” – Bad Graphics Ghost, emcee of Guerrilla Ghost

Guerrilla Ghost – Fifth Heaven (FEAT. NILEXNILE & TAIYAMO DENKU)

Guerrilla Ghost – I Don’t Like People Playing on My Phone

Guerrilla Ghost – Algorithm Nation 1814 Ft. Kool Keith

Guerrilla Ghost – The Immigrant Song

Guerrilla Ghost – Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man

Guerrilla Ghost – Keep Your Distance

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