Greystone Canyon

Greystone Canyon

In the 70s and 80s, Australia gave the world great hard rock/metal acts like AC/DC and Rose Tattoo. Now, joining those Aussie giants of rock are GREYSTONE CANYON!

The name GREYSTONE CANYON is inspired by the freedom of wide open landscapes, something Australia and America very much have in common.

“It was inspired by our love for the old western films and the images these films conjure. The vast plains, endless horizons, the freedom, and heck, GREYSTONE CANYON is one hell of a cool name for rock/ metal band!” says vocalist /guitarist Darren Cherry.

GREYSTONE CANYON will release their debut album “While The Wheels Still Turn” on March 9, 2018, in Europe, U.S.A and Canada through Rockshots Records and on Hellfire Records in Australia on March 12, 2018.
 “While The Wheels Still Turn” was tracked at the splendidly named Goatsound Studios in Melbourne, Australia, and then mixed in Canada, making ‘the album a real rock n’ roll frequent flyer. Mixing duties were undertaken by none other than Grammy nominated producer and legend Glen Robinson, who had engineered, mixed and produced equally legendary acts like Annihilator, Queensryche and Voivod.
 Inspired by legends like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth and King Diamond, “While The Wheels Still Turn” is an album that could not only sit well beside the works of those legends, but with the current tsunami of all things 70s and 80s inspired, GREYSTONE CANYON are in the right place at the right time. We are travelling back to the future and they are the soundtrack!
 As vocalst/guitarist Darren Cherry proudly states.
 “We really wanted to make an album similar to old Ozzy Osbourne record where songs like ‘I don’t know’ and ‘Goodbye To Romance’ can sit comfortably. This is music from the heart and soul!”

Darren Cherry – guitar / vocals
Luke Wilson – drums
Rich Vella – guitar
Dave Poulter – bass

GREYSTONE CANYON is for fans of classic metal and is an album devoted to the band’s love for old western cowboy films and the images these films conjure, the vast plains, endless horizons and the freedom of the Wild West. 

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Here’s what some of the media outlets are saying:

“Greystone Canyon’s debut is a solid listening experience that should appeal to both fans of Western rock/heavy metal and classic hard rock/heavy metal.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine

“This album is full of hard-rocking guitar riffs, soulful acoustic guitar, catchy drumming and vocals that are every bit the classic metal you’d expect them to be; all of this is arranged in a way that’s satisfying to the ear.” – Overdrive Mag

“a brilliant album! Very good pieces, a beautiful atmosphere wrap the listener.Give a chance to this band, it will doesn’t disappoint you with their class, good work guys!” – Rockers and Other Animals Mag

“Inspired by classic HR legends,  “While The Wheels Still Turn” is an album that could not only sit well beside the works of those; they’re able to be so various and with a view to the futiue. With a duration of 33 min, we can find six songs and three interludes; this album won’t disappoint you!” – Hard Rock Heavy Metal Mag

“Greystone Canyon has arrived with their debut album, While the Wheels Still Turn, and it is a beauty. A flawless homage to the bands which preceded them and inspired them, this glorious collection of kick ass tracks just teases the senses and reels you in track by track. Mammoth hooks fused with technical brilliance and that old school charm just work so goddamn well, perfectly executed and tasty like momma’s home cooking.” – Rock n’ Load Mag

“The western rock vibe that gets While the Wheels Still Turn started sees the up-tempo Astral Plane grab the attention before In These Shoes delivers head-banging groove. The latter’s deep bassy sound is thrilling.” – Games Brrraaains * A Headbanging Life

“The guitar work on this album is fantastic. But it is the harmonies that catch my attention.  “Path We Stray” has some really cool vocal harmony work that echos the dissonance used in old school Ozzy tracks.  My favorite track on the album, entitled “River of Fire”, has some solid harmony in a slower song that has a really cool build to a heavy ending.” – The Spinning Thoughts

“While The Wheel Still Turn is a strong debut for Greystone Canyon, a fine and entertaining album classic melodic heavy metal with some interesting twists. Recommended.” – Danger Dog Music Reviews

Greystone Canyon – In These Shoes

Greystone Canyon – Astral Plane

Greystone Canyon – Album Teaser

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