Gregory M. Hurley – Seafoam

Gregory M. Hurley – Seafoam

  1. Be with You
  2. All Your Life
  3. True Love
  4. Seafoam
  5. South of Here
  6. WiggleRoom
  7. Pick It Up
  8. Where You’re At
  9. Hold on Tight
  10. You’re You

Album Notes:

  • All music and lyrics ©2018 Gregory M Hurley
  • All instruments and vocals by Gregory M Hurley except where noted below
  • Track 1 – Be With You: Derek Cornett, solo and rhythm guitar
  • Track 2 – All My Life: Chris Yochens, Hammond B3, electric piano
  • Track 6 – Wiggle Room: Derek Cornett, solo and rhythm guitar
  • Track 8 – Where You’re At: Chris Yochens, Hammond B3 / Derek Cornett, solo and rhythm guitar
  • Track 10 – You’re You: David Friend of Vancouver BC, solo guitar and rhythm guitar, bass
  • Cover Design: Tim Womble
  • Recorded, mixed and master by Gregory M Hurley at Ground Level Studio, Spring Arbor, Michigan 

I’ve been posting my reviews now for nearly two years and I am so fortunate that I have had the pleasure to be able to support the unsigned bands and artists that are creating such beautiful music.

One such artist is Michigan’s slide guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer,  Gregory M. Hurley. I was delighted to be able to review “Seafoam”, his debut solo album.

“Seafoam” is the culmination of years of hard work, building and fine tuning his craft, from being on the road with bands in the late 60’s to just soaking up the experiences that life throws at you. Gregory M. Hurley has moulded all of this knowledge into an album filled with heart and love.

“Seafoam” begins with “Be with You” which sets the tone with it’s superb harmony vocals and hurdy – gurdy like guitar. “Be with You” is so catchy and alive and makes a perfect album opener. The song is inspired by Gregory’s wife of over 34 years, Teresa. “All Your Life” continues with much more of a Latin American vibe to it that makes you feel like moving with the rhythm. “True Love” is simply beautiful, Gregory’s slide guitar cries out to the listener. Close your eyes and you can imagine drifting along with your fingers dipping in the water…..this is heaven. This track was written for Gregory’s daughter and you can feel the love throughout it. Title track and instrumental, “Seafoam” is next and again it has the imagination working overtime. Slide guitar and heavenly drum beats move you along, gently, but surely as you travel across the water, quietly moving to and fro, feeling that water splash as it hits the side. “South of Here” has a chunkier rock sound to it, with almost a hint of reggae in the verses. Gregory’s slide guitar excels here and is a true wonder to digest. 

“Wiggle Room”, which was written after a personal tragedy in Gregory’s life, is a song of hope, things may be bad, but with time and hard work, they will get better. “Wiggle Room” contains some angelic guitar work from Derek Cornett. “Pick It Up” has a groove that’s not too distant from the likes of Santana’s 80s/90s work. It’s an enjoyably flowing track you will love. “Where You’re At” continues the Santana moment with the solid Hammond sounds of Chris Yochens and the swaying guitars of Derek Cornett “Where You’re At” oozes class.

Gregory has stated that he is heavily influenced by George Harrison and Jeff Lynne amongst others and that influence is quite apparent on “Hold on Tight”. “Hold on Tight” which is written and inspired by Gregory’s wife would fit on any of the Traveling Wilburys’ albums. It also has a strong John Lennon sound to it. Final track “You’re You” also shows a heavy Beatles influence, there’s a touch of “Sgt Pepper” mixed with a hint of “I Am the Walrus” and even a sprinkle of “Free As a Bird” thrown in for good measure and it works beautifully.

“Seafoam” is a fantastic debut album from Michigan based musician Gregory M. Hurley. It is an album of well crafted, beautiful and very cleverly written songs. It contains great vocal harmonies, some incredible playing and some truly wonderful production work. It is an album that is just so easy to listen to…It is an album that you have to hear. 

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