New video !!

so we put together some old live footage and some other weirdness to make a video for “Lost and found” taken from our newest album which is available now direct from us on Bandcamp( )

Greenmailer are a rock band hailing from Swansea, south wales playing what has been described as and original mix of grunge, stoner and punk with catchy hooks. All they do is write music they enjoy playing. Influenced by the Grunge, Stoner and punk music they grew up listening to as well as having an ear for a catchy melody the music is definitely best played loud. They formed in 2014 having known each other for years but always being busy with other musical projects, they spent most of 2014 in the studio crafting riffs in to songs and fine tuning their sounds to craft their debut album recorded at Pitch Black studios in Swansea.

Heavy, groovy, sweet, sick, sexy and fragile. GREENMAILER’s debut album ‘Scattered on the mile’ is 45 minutes of huge choruses, major groove and ballsy, anthemic tunes. The South Wales trio debuted ‘Scattered…’ on 7th January 2015 shortly after their debut single and video ‘Staple’ heralded the band’s arrival.

‘Scattered on the mile’ is as gentle and fragile as sun-bleached bone one minute, yet as tough and grizzled as old boots the next. The scuzzy groove is there, and nervous energy seeps from every pore, but there is no compromising on the delicious harmonies and wonderfully delicate lulls and breaths. The ebb and flow of ‘Scattered…’ is driven by the band’s energy and anger as much as it is joy and reflection. GREENMAILER have set the bar high with ‘Scattered…’ a swirling, intoxicating record as exhilaratingly brash as it is thoughtful and heartfelt.

In short ‘Scattered…’ is an epic 13 tracks that feels like running with scissors.

Following up with their self titled sophomore album, Hywel, Mark and Steve are currently busy promoting the singles taken from the album; ‘Play it like an ending’ and ‘Luluna’.

Heavy, groovy, melodic and delicate in equal measure, Greenmailer are currently bursting ear drums and planting earworms wherever the groove takes them…

Steve Ahearne – Guitar / vocals
Mark Roberts – bass / vocals
Hywel griffiths – drums / vocals

Greenmailer – Lost and Found

Greenmailer – Luluna

Greenmailer – Play it like an Ending

Greenmailer – Catalina


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