Greenmailer – Greenmailer II

Greenmailer – Greenmailer II

1 Play it Like an Ending
2 Morning Song
3 Lost and Found
4 Luluna
5 Exit Left
6 Fluffer
7 Idiot Savant
8 Non Sequitur
9 john Frum

Steve Ahearne – Guitar / vocals
Mark Roberts – bass / vocals
Hywel Griffiths – drums / vocals

Guest vocals on Luluna and backing vocals on Exit Left – Sarah Birch

Recorded at Pitch Black Studios Swansea
Produced and mixed by Dan Angelow and Greenmailer
Release date: 14th December 2018

Formed in 2014 and hailing from Swansea, South Wales playing what has been described as an original mix of grunge, stoner and punk with catchy hooks, Greenmailer spent most of 2014 in the studio crafting riffs in to songs and fine tuning their sounds to create their debut album ‘Scattered on the mile’ released in Jan’2015 and recorded at Pitch Black studios in Swansea and received with great enthusiasm and garnered much critical acclaim in the Underground music press.

Now, in 2018, South Wales trio Greenmailer are about to release their second album to the eagerly awaiting masses. The aptly titled ‘Greenmailer II’ has arrived in my inbox and what a solid piece of work it is.

Scheduled for release on 14th December, Greenmailer II is a natural progression from their debut album. The album begins with ‘Play it Like an Ending’, which was also the first single to be released. ‘Play it Like an Ending’ is the pure grit ridden Grunge that you would expect from these guys. Hard edged vocals and an infectious heavy beat ensure that you will want to play this over and over again. ‘Morning Song’ hits you hard in the face, it’s the kind of track that you find yourself turning the volume up to, you just want more of it…. Greenmailer’s ability to’bring it down’ works really well here as the track slows down to an almost evil ending. ‘Lost and Found’ raises the fist to the more traditional stoner sound. Vocally, I find  ‘Lost and Found’ a little gem. The different styles of harmony and lead vocals mix so well with the heavily distorted bass and guitars.

‘Luluna’ is simply superb. The more I hear it the more I love it. The addition of Sarah Birch as guest vocalist really adds a new dynamic to this brilliant track. The music is Greenmailer through and through. ‘Exit Left’ rocks….. This one will grab you from the opening riff. Very heavy, slightly bluesy and totally in your face rock. The guitars are loud and the vocals are angry and haunting. ‘Fluffer’ begins with a panic. Hywel’s thundering drums drive this one forward at a gallop. ‘Idiot Savant’ has a superb acoustic beginning, which lasts just a few seconds before it transforms into a blistering screaming array of power and noise. ‘Non Sequitur’ is a lot more commercial than the other tracks on the album. That doesn’t mean that it is any less a killer track though. ‘john Frum’, the album’s closer is a ball bursting epic of a rocker. The riffs are so huge and monstrous, they will have you shaking for days. They have certainly saved the best for last.

With Greenmailer II, Greenmailer have created an album where all of the tracks are worthy to represent the band on their own merit, there is no filler. Is this the album of the year? You will have to decide that for yourself. Is this a must listen to album? Yes, it most definitely is.

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