Green As Emerald

Green as Emerald

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Green as Emerald is pushing the envelope of what a young metal band is capable of. They could sit here and talk about their past & how they came together, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is they’re here NOW. Pulling from all areas of metal, they’ve focused on trying to write solid and focused songs as opposed to simply trying to be the heaviest band there is. From death metal to hardcore, speed metal to hair metal, Green as Emerald is putting the fun & kick ass mentality back into metal. No one remembers the band who constantly only tries to be heavy, but they do remember the band that wasn’t afraid to step outside their respected comfort zone & try something new. As some bands are scared to see what their limitations are, it is not the case here. Appearing to take on all changes presented to them, Green as Emerald has quickly gained a loyal following due to the DIY work ethic, shameless self promotion through all avenues, personally selling tickets to open for some of the biggest bands in the scene,

Green As Emerald – Live @ Arcadia

Green As Emerald – Live at Knotfest 2015

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