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Great Reckoning

Great Reckoning

great reckoning

Andrew Pendlebury, a chemistry teacher, Laiton Price, events manager, Jordan Lawley, Insurance administrator and Lewis Tooby, university student are the ingredients that make up Great Reckoning!

Based just outside of Manchester, Uk, Great Reckoning are a 4 piece Alt Rock band who are as varied in musical influence as they are in age.

The band formed in February 2013 when 2 friends Jordan (who only picked up a pair of drum sticks a year earlier) and Andrew who were jamming together at the time met rhythm guitarist Matty Lyons (our original rhythm guitarist). Originally they formed Raised by Wolves until personal issues arose and the 3 broke away. They then met Standing Room Only singer Josh Glen (now a trainee actor) who had also split from the band that he was lead singer with. For a few months the band performed gigs at local venues. Realising the band was in desperate need of a bassist, Laiton joined in January 2013 to complete the 5 piece band. Laiton’s previous band Everyday Goldfish, who had been together for a number of years during their school days, had recently split and this news was heard by Jordan. Jordan made Laiton the band’s number 1 priority and to Jordan’s relief, Laiton agreed to join the band. The end of 2015 saw a shake up in the band with Josh persuing (successfully) his acting career and Matty moving down  south! The band decided not to replace Matty but obviously had to find a singer – enter Lewis, former band mate of Laiton and former singer of Everyday Goldfish.

Great Reckoning now as a 4 piece, have been writing their own songs and performing these to crowds in local venues and have now begun to make a move onto the music scene in Manchester.
The band have released tracks Finally and Bleed For Your Life, as a 2 track E.P and have just released a single featuring Lewis’ vocals – House of Cards.

The band has a wide variety of influences which can be heard in their music. Lead vocalist Lewis is influenced by the Arctic Monkeys whilst Laiton, Andrew and Jordan are influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Kings of Leon.
Although most people may think that so many different influences and styles of music can prove difficult when trying to write songs, the band feel that this benefits them as they have so many avenues to turn to for ideas. Tracks such as Bleed For Your Life and the yet to be released 12 have similarities to the Kings of Leon and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, whilst House On The Left and Suicidal Tendencies of a Brainwashed Mind (also yet to be released) have a heavier edge to them and a feel of Black Sabbath and Alter Bridge

Great Reckoning – Owl’s Eye

Great Reckoning – House of Cards

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