Grande Fox – Kulning

Grande Fox – Kulning

GRANDE FOX – KULNING (self-released, 27 June 2018).

  1. Hermitage
  2. Sealed Curse
  3. Kulning

“Kulning” is the latest EP from Greece’s Grande Fox. It is released prior to their “Empty Nest” full length which will be released later on.

The 3 songs of “Kulning” show the band is in a rather good shape. They play a heavy rock style with references to and influences from such styles as psychedelic rock, progressive rock, stoner, heavy rock and metal. All these wrapped up in a tasty package with nice production and intelligent songwriting is something you can’t afford to miss.

The “Kulning” songs are mostly mid tempo. The EP lasts 16 minutes and features guest appearances of a female singer and a cello player which seem to be some very positive additions that work really well with their sound  .

The opening track “Hermitage” finds a great vocal duo of the female guest and the Grande Fox basic male singer. The song begins with a slow mood but soon breaks out and, after reaching the peak, it allows you to breath out. But only for a while. “Kulning” begins again slow to become a psychedelic space monster that instead of eating you out, it leaves you to breathe again just for a while since the coming “Sealed Curse” is a melancholic song of doom and gloom with the guest cello having a lead role in what’s happening. This is a very emotional and beautiful way to close this excellent new Grande Fox EP.

Although “Kulning” contains only 3 tracks, in my eyes it is a complete work. Grande Fox have talent in excess and their songwriting is very much intriguing and clever. I enjoyed the EP very much and found myself getting back to listen to it again and again always discovering something new. In anticipation of their full length, try the same! You will find out a very beautiful listen!

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