Grande Fox – Interview


Grande Fox are this weeks featured artist. Here’s an interview we did with them back in December 2019

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Grande Fox – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: What type of artist are you?

GF: Hello guys, first of all we would like to thank you for this chance to talk with you and tell a few things about Grande Fox.

We are four simple people from Greece, who work their asses off to make our dream a reality. However, we feel strong emotions through music and we get connected in very unique ways. Apart from our basic jobs, we mostly spend our time working in the studios or individually, playing lives to send our messages to people who see and hear us and generally we faithfully follow our vision of trying to continually improve in order to fly to the top. So, we could describe ourselves as passionate artists who want to devote their lives writing and playing music and and communicate through this process with more and more people.


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself?

GF: Everything started in October 2013, when two friends, Nikos (Vocals and Frontman) and Lefteris (Guitarist) were sitting in a bar in which Lefteris was playing as a Dj. They decided to join their passion for music and they create a band called Fox Terrier. So, we started our first steps playing cover songs in music stages in Thessaloniki and in 2014 after some changes of our members we decided to rebrand the name to ‘ Grande Fox ‘ which is symbolizing our grande spirit and vision.

Then, after a year we decided to write and record our own material for first time. The aftermath was our first LP Album called ‘ Space Nest ‘ which was released in 2016 and has a ‘ Space Psychedelic Stoner Heavy Rock ‘ character. The second project came in April of 2018 as we released an EP called ‘’ Kulning’’. This one is a magic trilogy, three songs which were done with two very special artists and friends, Angelina Papadopoulou on female vocals and Stephan Keeman at the role of cellist. Our most recent work is a single called ‘’ Documento ‘’ which was released a couple months ago with its official video clip you can also watch of YouTube.

Finally, during all these years until now, we made couple of lives. The most remarkable was on July 2016 when we participated at a Rock Festival in Cyprus opening the live for the band Nightstalker as well as our live in Berlin as  headliners  two months ago.


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

GF: As regards to our musical influences, we listen to and we are affected from many different styles of music, like hard rock, stoner, funk, metal etc. There are thousands of bands we love and admire. Some of them surely are RATM, Limp Bizkit and Godsmack. We could say that we are like a sponge. We absorb various elements from all these songs through emotions we feel, adding also our ideas to make something unique.

Non-musical influences are facts and situations that are happening now or happened in the past in our lives individually, which affect our emotions and make us want to write and share them through the music. In general, such a difficult situation prevails in Greece the last years with the social and economic crisis. The thing is that all these facts are what make us stronger and that’s the point of view we all must understand.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

GF: One of the most important goals is to remain creative all the time and  level up continuously, despite all the difficulties. Equally important will be to gain a loyal audience which will support us to our steps, but our biggest dream is to make tours around the world and play on the most famous and biggest stages and festivals in the world. We can’t live without music … 


PD: Who writes yours songs, what are they about?

GF: The man behind all this lyrics is our frontman Nikos. He is a very talented and concerned person who has the ability to easily imprints some facts that either happened to him or he was spectator. Sometimes this happens to him spontaneously and he takes a pen to note these lyrics coming to his mind. They are mainly referring to things that torment him or things that has experienced. To the deceit and the injustice exists in this world and the pain of people who have lost the faith about changing the world and their lifestyle. The music synthesis is made in various situations , sometimes Zao comes up with a great melody or even a whole track and sometimes we together built tracks from the beginning. It depends  .


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

GF: In previous years it was more difficult to promote your work, your band or your shows. Nowadays, thanks to technology and the Internet things are easier. There are plenty of solutions to do that. The best promotion happens when you are playing live on stage! However, like every other band we use Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to promote our band. We post on a daily basis posters or information about our next shows, videos, interviews or anything else you can watch, hear or read to learn more about us and to support us generally. Also there is something important we would like to mention about this topic. We work with Angels Pr music promotion, which is a company that provides integrated promotional services and supports us in this area of band and events promotion.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

GF: As we previously mention, technology is advanced very quickly. Now, Cd’s have been replaced by platforms you can listen to music, such as Sportify for example, or platforms you can download music illegally. We don’t have much to say about that. We don’t exactly agree with that. It is a very controversial issue and at the same time widespread activity from the majority of young people. This happens maybe due to the fact that most of times people are in a poor financial situation or just because they found an easy solution to save money instead of paying digital music. 


PD: What song do you wish you had written and why?

GF: Propably that song would be “Another Brick In The Wall” both parts , from Pink Floyd , which has a magnificent synthesis and remains one of the most poignant song of theirs. A haunting vision of a kid’s fading memory of his father , lost in a far away war on part one and a tremendous way of telling the truth about how the system tries to enslave the purity of an innocent child and make him another future soldier under control.  Its talking about how we are receiving education. About the base of the system around us. And we choose to stand against this sicknness . That’s why we would like this song to be ours . Its all about the truth.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

GF: The proudest moment undoubtedly was when we finished and released our first material our first album ‘’ Space Nest ‘’ for which we received very good reviews from remarkable magazines and sites both in Greece and abroad. Also, another proud moment was our first live abroad in October, as we played in Berlin’s most historical rock and metal bar, Blackland. The crowd gave us such a great energy and vibes … it was unforgettable !


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

GF: Well, this next period will be very crucial for us because we are about to release our new LP Album called ‘’ Empty Nest ‘’ the next year. So you can understand that we’ve got lots of things to do and to prepare like the CD’s, the video clips or the booklet and generally all the visual production which has already begun. We are excited about all these and we are working hard to get the best result. So stay tuned and you can find us in the internet platforms like Facebook if you want to learn our news!


PD: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there?

GF: As we arrived at the last month of this year, we are ready about the next two shows in Greece. The first one will take place on December 21st in Xanthi and a week later we will play in an event in Athens. Then, after the holidays we will return back with great news and one more show in the Choppers Riders Clubhouse in Thessaloniki. We’ve got so much energy to transmit and wish to receive from people. When we jump on stages we are transforming into something can’t be easily described. So, you should be there and we assure you that you will have a great time , we promise our shows are unique and full of energy and emotions.

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