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BIOGRAPHY // “Will she ever see light again?” is what Gran Noir want to know each night and on their second LP that’s been released in 2017. Information overkill is settling down on our lives daily, like a dry and forgotten layer of dust. We rub our eyes when we hear rays of sunshine chase through the dilapidated wood of all our huts: Subtly mysterious melodies of soft desperation and demanding rage are paired with immovable guitar walls and waves of propelling of rhythm. This is creamy Indie, this is sombre Alternative, this is stoner punk with attitude. “Only the great can achieve such diversity within a genre and on an album” – 2013

After processing the daily and personal madness on their debut “Alibi” in 2013 and telling the fictitious story of two fateful characters on their EP “NORA & GRACE” 2014, Gran Noir dare to take a global glance on isolation, loss of control and exploitation of the human race in the digital age on their second album. ALIBI brought them considerable air and video play, several radio and tv interviews and numerous gigs. Gran Noir opened shows for Tom Joad (D), Torche (USA), The Hirsch Effekt (D), Bloodlights (NOR), Monochrome (D) und Pianos Become The Teeth (USA), Basement (UK), Marathonmann (D), Wolves Like Us (NOR). What began with rice liquor in remote Bejing, flat share parties in Zurich and Berlin and a little drumming and picking in a bunker has matured, but is still full of undiluted youthful frenzy. Following the motto “the night before is the morning after” – Gran Noir give you a thorough rubdown on stage. Goosebumps, belly-ache, ringing ears, sore muscles and a headache may be the side effects, but not necessarily. They feed you plenty of sugar through bitter-sweet melodies. Come morning, you’ll feel way happier and might only need a splash of lemon or rum in your coffee.

Gran Noir – Innocent

Gran Noir – Lost At Home

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