Philippines Melodic Death Metal band Gothblade released their new single «The Fool». The single was recorded, mixed and mastered in “Lucid Production Studios” by Jexter Dean Buenaventura
An unusual blend of Melodic Death Metal and Gothic Metal, Gothblade was conceived from the mind of one Jexter Dean Buenaventura. From a very reggae and more coffee shop focused music town of Baguio City, Gothblade emerges from the depths of its very scarce metal underground. After numerous gigs with very obscure rock and roll, thrash and death metal bands(Bestial Insania, Prophecy of Baal, Berdugo, Rotten), Jex decided to create his own project that combines beauty and brutality.

Combining Thrash Metal with a Melodeath style of riffing along with themes of melancholy and introspection, Gothblade was created, strictly focusing more on a solitary and practical approach to Metal.

Gothblade aims to blend themes from the occult or any mystical ideology that may be of interest.

More about the creator of Gothblade:

Jexter Dean Buenaventura a.k.a Jex was a drummer for some bands based in Baguio City. These bands range from rock and roll, death metal and thrash metal. Although his interest was more on the Gothic side of things like old school Goth Rock bands like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Souxsie and the Banshees, he has taken a liking to the aggressiveness of metal and incorporated it into his interests.

From a young age, Jex learned drums and vocals for a time and after completing college, decided to seek out bands to pursue his interest in music. He decided to form a band with some friends and family members and played Megadeth covers. After joining some rock and roll bands playing Iron Maiden covers, Jex found Bestial Insania with its founder and vocalist Edz Asia Ramos through the bassist of one of the rock and roll bands. This sparked his interest in Death Metal specifically Melodic Death Metal since this band focused on Arch Enemy covers. After his departure from the band due to scheduling conflicts, Jex was invited to another band, Prophecy of Baal. The guitarist, Zyldjian Ed Toralde, who was a former sessionist for Bestial Insania invited Jex to play Amon Amarth covers with their band and this quickly established one of the cornerstone sound of Gothblade. Jex also joined Berdugo, a deathcore/Brutal Death Metal band during this time, invited by their then guitarist Aris Gonzales. After a few years of being in both bands and their disbandment due to scheduling conflicts, Jex was again invited by Aris Gonzales on a new project called Rotten which focused on creating original Groovy Brutal Death Metal songs. During this time, Jex started a new personal project, Gothblade.

Gothblade was more about the lyrics more than anything. Getting the influences from the Melodic Death Metal bands he covered as well as learning Guitar and Bass on his spare time, Incorporated some of the elements in all of the bands he has been in.

In 2016, after a long while of studying how to produce, mix and master music in an acceptable fashion. Jex released his first EP called Silent Suffering. This EP incorporated Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal as well as some Deathcore elements. After a few more years of inactivity, Jex decided to create a new project which is still continuing today. Blending occult themed lyrics as well as a simple and practical approach to the songwriting, released the single “The Fool” on February 14, 2020. This will be a continuing project until all cards from the Tarot are covered.

Gothblade – The Fool

Gothblade – Exist to Fail

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