GOSFORTH – Interview


Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD:  How would you describe yourself or your band as an artist?

G: The band is the mirror of my reflects my feeling and my will… in a more darker way


PD: Can you tell us briefly about your background – i.e. where you’re from, how you came to make music, etc.

G: All in Gosforth are old school satanic metalheads.

Bands like Ozzy, Sabbath, Maiden, Samael, Nifelheim, Bathory, Necrovore, Siouxsie and many many others have shaped our background ..


PD: Who and what inspires you to make music, both in terms of musical and other influences? What do you like to write about in your songs?

G: That’s a need we have to satisfy. Our anger, disgust and macabre instincts are the most big influences.. about lyrics, i am interested into occultism and the band lyrics are focused on the Luciferian doctrine.


PD: What is the proudest moment in your music career so far?

G: As of now, i can proudly say that i shared the stage with most of my favourite bands, travelled Europe and reached many peoplw with my music.


PD: Promoting one’s music is such a challenge these days, especially with so many new artists emerging from bedrooms in the day of the home studio. How is that going?

G: I Think our label is doing a great job. The band disappeared for many years and it seems that they’ve been able to re-light our black fire.


PD: And how do you book and promote your live shows and tours? Any performances coming up?

G: Nothing planned at the moment. We need to fill the line up for this.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online? What about streaming sites like Spotify?

G: I buy records.. tons of records. Fuck off digital platforms.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

G: Any Iron Maiden song because they are the best band ever.


PD: Is there anything you don’t like about the music industry, which you would change if you could?

G: It is not something i think about. I am more focused on playing my music


PD: So, what are you working on at the moment?

G: Actually i am writing stuff for my other projects.

Waiting for the release of GOSFORTH album


PD: Where can we learn more about you and buy your music/merch online?

G: We are working on an official merch-site.

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