Godiva* was born in 1999, in Famalicão, Portugal. One year later our very first recording was released as a promo-CD entitled “Tales to Be Untold”. Followed up by the EP “Traces of Irony” (2002)  recorded at Rec’n’Roll Studios and produced by Rui Danim and Luís Barros (Tarântula), this EP was a significant mark in the band’s affirmation in the scene.

Five years later, in 2007,  the album “Spiral” was released and gathered excellent national and international reviews. It was recorded at Ultrasound Studios and produced by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema) and like its predecessor, played a major role in the band’s consolidation in the Portuguese metal scene.

“Spiral” also marks the end of our first era.

After 11 years of pushing through the walls of everything that brought us down, even ourselves.

After 11 years of trying to be innovative, feeding our creativity from the differences of each musician, not from the trends of the day.

After 11 years… We decided that the project that meant the world to so many people should stop and therefore end.

Bands are made of feelings, emotions, joy, frustration, even anger sometimes. If you haven’t felt somewhere in time the urge to kick everything to oblivion, probably you didn’t have a good one. Bands are made of young people with young dreams not always destined to come true, broken dreams doomed to fade away… and like many, many other valuable bands lost in history, we failed to manage the growing pains, normal to so many of us.

Ergo, Godiva was about to take its rightful place of memory and oblivion.

*We were the first Godiva, not sure why but as we struggled to registered the name, a record label pushed through another band with the same name, money talks and we were forced to become The Godiva for a while.

Life happened and we got older, wiser in many things and stupider in several others… That’s OK, that’s life unfolding. It’s shocking, when you look back and you’re not 17 anymore… Still, that does not change who you are or what you want, that is just life happening, and sometimes it throws you a light.

When no one was hoping or looking for it, as we were going around our businesses, a challenge was placed upon us, one we could not ignore: an invitation to play at the renowned festival Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão 2018. A stage for hundreds, thousands, it did not matter, but it seemed impossible. Could the band do it one last time? A reunion not just for the few fans, but also for us, 11 years later. Yet the challenge and the urge were too great to ignore, at least for the few that still remembered and longed to live it again, the ones that always did it, simply for the thrill of doing it!

We attempted to get every original member on board, still life got in the way again. Nevertheless, the remaining few suffered, agonized, pondered if it was worth to revive an old and glorious dream for some of us, without all original band members… It was and it seemed greater than any of us… But how? The desire won. The will to do something different, the urge to live, despite whatever happened. For everyone that somewhere in time loved the band, we found out that no one loved it more than us.

Godiva is bigger than its name, bigger than past years and how old we are: It is a state of mind, an ideology, a raison d’être for someone to find. Like everything that is worthwhile, it encompasses our dreams, our fears, our thoughts, all which makes us human, equal and different from everyone else. All that matters is what it means, what we feel and all of whom are a part of this dream. We love the band, we love the fans, and for a few moments we forgot that. It will not happen again… Never again!

From our ashes we arose. Original band members Pedro, Ricardo and Arcélio were onboard, nonetheless they needed to complete the line up. We were blessed with one connection, a Portuguese producer named André Matos, an old fan and friend of the band, who believed in and loved the band as much as we did. So, fortune dictated he would join the band, and change our history in a definite way. Soon after, André was followed by the fantastic drummer Sinatra. A young, yet proven talent, former member of the iconic band Heavenwood.

Although the band’s soul remained the same, it would grow to unforeseen heights due to the genius of the Lead Guitar (Ricardo Ribeiro) and the former producer turned composer & rhythm guitar. The genius of the composers surpassed everything, even our own ego. Godiva was alive again, an old soul with new blood:  Ricardo, Pedro, Arcélio, André and Sinatra… The family was created anew reborn, stronger.

Playing at Laurus Nobilis Music Famalicão 2018 was not the eulogy that was supposed to be, it was a breath of life to a worthwhile dream. With new, right blood… a turning point for a new beginning.


Soon after our performance at Laurus Nobilis Music Fest Famalicão 2018, we started to wonder if there was a space for Godiva in the musical scene, and quickly found out we did not care. We wanted to be heard, no matter what.

Everything that has value, takes its origin from the  heart and we found that out with the new lineup: André Matos (rhythm guitar & orchestrations), Arcélio Sampaio (bass guitar), Eduardo Sinatra (drums), Ricardo Ribeiro (lead guitar) and Pedro Faria (vox & lyrics). Together we have enough heart to conquer the world, even if the world does not have space for us.

A new Godiva emerged: stronger, bolder, and fearless. A prelude to what would be our next concert.

Vagos Metal Fest 2019 epitomizes the spirit of this new found self.  A huge risk was taken in order to create something that had not been done in Portugal until then: a metal band playing live with an orchestra! It was a terrifying ordeal, but fortune only favors the bold, right? The orchestra was built from the ground up: André Matos and Ricardo Ribeiro composed all the symphonic part of the music and we managed to miraculously gather over 30 classical musicians on stage with only three rehearsals. It was extremely hard, a challenge like no other, we had to squeeze every drop of blood  in order to create something immortal.  The lucky few who had the chance to witness this amazing and one of a kind show, had a first taste of Hubris – our new release.

During the making of this album, we had a big goal: trying to be affirmative in a world of uncertainty, trying to be metal but taking advantage of all the experience we attained and throwing all the debris out the window, that are made to drag you down. Thus, Hubris is born as a critique of modernity, a symphony of  (basic) failings of the modern man, an unwilling exploration through the psyche of the 21st century man, which we never thought  would become so actual. Curiously, the concept of this album was not premeditated or prepared beforehand, it happened like a surge of inevitability that had to be born. 

Hubris was thought to come out in the beginning of 2020, however it became delayed, like everything this year. Hopefully, it will be released at the end of this year. Until then, we want to leave you this message:

Godiva – Media God

Godiva – The Meaning Of Life

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