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Indonesian prog metal band GODDESS OF FATE are now streaming their new EP The Orchard Gardener via Ghost Cult Mag. The EP consists of their single “The Orchid Gardener”, with an extra instrumental version of the track.

Listen in full here:

Goddess of Fate are ready to release “The Orchid Gardener.”  This single is 50% progressive metal and 50% “everything else,” taking ideas from Between The Buried and Me, Devin Townsend, and early Dream Theater. Melodic death metal blast beats, subtly backed by prog metal guitar riffs, give way to soothing clean vocals that then transitions into tech death shredding and brutal screaming.  This evolves into some acoustic guitars, some bluesy solos, highlighted by a tight rhythm section over the span of about seven minutes. The result is music that is challenging and technical, but more catchy and lovable than anything else.

Goddess of Fate are also excited to announce that they are touring Asia this year.   The first leg of Spiral Road Tour 2019 was already done in July; then in November, the band is going to visit Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

“The Orchid Gardener” will be released on major digital music services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and also on Bandcamp on OCTOBER 26th 2018.

Song Credits

“Orchid Gardener”

Music by Saka Pramudita, Ahmad Okta Perdana and Shanif Ridho

Lyrics by Ahmad Okta Perdana

Arrangement by Goddess of Fate

Guitars and Bass recorded at Pillar of Solitude on May 2019

Drums and Vocals recorded at Watchtower Studios on June 2019

Cover Design by MORS/Imagomortis

Photo Design by Riddho Noervianto (

Goddess of Fate is a prog/melodic death metal band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 2009 as a tech death band, they released their first EP, A Reversal of Civilization, in 2012.

It was met with critical acclaim by Indonesian press because of its freshness and innovative music, combining complicated and brutal aspect from the likes of Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession with beautiful and adventurous arrangement in the vein of Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimamura. In 2018  they released their first LP, Spiral Orchard Pt. 1.


Goddess of Fate is… 

  • Saka Pramudita: Guitars
  • Ahmad Okta Perdana: Bass, Vocals
  • Revanda Verdian: Drums
  • Dicky Faizal Huda: Vocals
  • Yogi Yudhistira: Guitars

With little help from their friends…

  • Shanif Ridho: Guitars
  • Johanes Arya Andy Putra: Drums

Goddess Of Fate – The String’s Eclipse

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