The Off The Wall Self Titled Glotis Album 

The new release from art-pop songwriter Glotis is incredibly in depth, quirky, and guarantees something you haven’t heard yet. The record is a lot to take in but worth every mind bending minute as it pushes and pulls through a gambit of ferociously fun pop. Bright, colorful, impactful, and even heavy at times, this one seamlessly intertwines numerous styles and genres as it unravels song by song. Something of a musical soiree, Glotis leaves it’s mark in todays pop music arena and when its all said and done, an undying love of musical experimentation is clear. Here is what Glotis had to say about the release:

“All of the songs on the album have a sort of restless, electric energy about them. This album is the fruit of many late nights up in my apartment, many weekends spent at home, to figure out how to best express myself and my ideas. This is the resulting evolution of my sound over the course of about 4 years of experimentation. And I’m only going to keep evolving from here.”

Glotis – Insomnia

Glotis – Art Can Kill You

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