Ghostly Beard – Inward

Ghostly Beard – Inward

  1. How Does It Feel
  2. The Love In Your Eyes
  3. Gone
  4. Autumn Blues
  5. Night Train
  6. Let Go
  7. It Doesn’t Matter
  8. 9 to 5 (Barely Alive)
  9. Let It Rain 
  10. Going Away

Music and lyrics ©2018 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot 

“Inward” is the third release from Montreal musician Ghostly Beard and it continues the natural progression of development and change that was started with the 2017 excellent releases “Infinite” and “Invisible”

As a major voice in the world of the ‘Unsigned artist’ Ghostly Beard knows exactly the struggles and pressure of being unsigned, yet he still prefers to remain anonymous. He would rather let the music do the talking.

So what does it have to say? 

“Inward” opens with the wonderful “How Does It Feel” It’s slow dulcimer tones introducing the Ghostly Beard sound that is so familiar to many an admirer of his work.. The vocals are perfectly set to the easy sway of the magical rhythms portrayed here, relaxing the listener, easing them to feel safe that Ghostly Beard has returned. “The Love In Your Eyes” has a catchy, pleasing chorus that brings a warmth to the listener. “Gone” is a track that reflects on the past and offers hope for the future. You are never alone. The instrumental “Autumn Blues” highlights just how good Ghostly Beard is at writing an emotional piece of work. You can almost taste the whiskey as the guitar plays its heartfelt blues, revealing its soul. The only down point here is that it is over too soon.

Highlight of the album (for me at least) is the oh so magical “Night Train” This dreamy track is a true masterpiece, with guest vocals from Emma Caiman, “Night Train” just caresses and teases and the listener. Then there’s that spark of genius when the guitar solo kicks in around the 2:45 mark. A real goose bump moment. “Let Go” is classic Ghostly Beard. It will have you tapping along to the beat as you fall in love with another incredible guitar solo. The ever so slightly different “It Doesn’t Matter” sends the listener in an entirely new direction. Quite a pleasant track. “It Doesn’t Matter” offers the melancholic vocals associated with Ghostly Beard as well as the quality production work. But this time we are provided with a sing-along chant like fade out.

“9 to 5 (Barely Alive) is a true competitor for the albums highlight and who knows, this may be the case next listen. At over 7 minutes in length this track flows beautiful. I love the echo used on the vocals as well as the angelic guitar solo.  Where “9 to 5 (Barely Alive) gets it so right is in the way that you are drawn in to the music and feel each note. It has the ability to sound familiar on first listen and yet make such an impact. I am so impressed with the sadness conveyed in “Let It Rain”. There is a certain vulnerability in the lyrics and a sadness that touches the soul. The more upbeat “Going Away” closes the album. With guest vocals from Sarah Talbot, “Going Away” lifts the listener by offering a glimmer of hope. Take that chance it could well be worth it. A very positive way to end an album.

With “Inward”, Ghostly Beard has demonstrated again his talent for writing music that you can feel. There are no rock anthems here, there are no silly love songs. Just honest, well written, heart felt music that you can play, safe in the knowledge that what you hear is music the way it should be written. 


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