GENTIHAA- Reverse Entropy

GENTIHAA- Reverse Entropy

Gentihaa – Reverse Entropy review for
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by The Rocket Man

1 Serum 01:42
2 Empathy 03:37
3 Vision 05:16
4 Metamorphosis 05:53
5 Alpha 03:43
6 Beyond 05:42
7 Command 03:59
8 Mastery 05:02
9 Singularity 06:45

Over the last years, it is a common practice for bands to blend many genres and subgenres into their music in an attempt to shape an own music style. Some bands do it successfully, others not. Gentihaa are for sure in the first category as they successfully blend extreme metal of black and death metal origin with symphonic metal, heavy/thrash metal and metalcore.

Let’s get straight to the “Reverse Entropy” album. In the opening track “Serum” you get a futuristic space journey into sound with sheer heaviness, additional synth work and awesome harmonies.

“Empathy” and “Vision” share the band’s prog vision of post black metal. Their tech guitars with heavy metal feeling are dressed in black metal outfit. “Metamorphosis” is also a modern technical tune while “Alpha” shows the grandiose but at the same moment catchy side of Gentihaa. “Beyond” and “Mastery” are the Northern (Scandinavian to be more precise) songs of the album which flirt with black and death/black styles. In “Command” and “Singularity” Gentihaa are privileged to have Tom Englund of Evergrey fame on vocals and the darkness has a heavy and atmospheric face.

Andre has some excellent vocal moment in the album. He dwells among many vocal styles with a nice range and his unexpected changes keep the listener actively focused on the recording from the first to the last second.

The album was recorded and produced in Athens, Greece from Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind) which is another asset for the recording.

Gentihaa seems to be in an uprising mode. All they need is to take advantage of the momentum and greater thing will come for them. Let’s wait for more from this horde. Till then we shall enjoy “Reverse Entropy” again and again. It is an album every metal fan will dig regardless of his personal choices and tastes because the album is surprisingly plural and interesting. A great debut that rises utmost high the expectations for their next attack!

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