Garrett (Canada)


Hailing from Vancouver, GARRETT are the self-titled brainchild of Sean Garrett, a multi-talented multi-instrumentalist and song writer, who, in the shape of Frank Baker on drums, Brian Jones on guitar and Gary Koenig on bass, has the band to take his unique musical vision to storm stages all over Canada and beyond.

 GARRETT hails back to the halcyon days when bands had proper songs, full of melodies and finely-wrought lyrics. GARRETT are doing classic rock with a 21st century freshness!

Inspired by Dream Theater, Ronnie James Dio, King’s X, and classic rock like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, Sean Garrett describes his band’s music as ‘progressive, edgy, melodic hard rock’.

Sean explains why Garret the man created GARRETT the band.

“I wanted to bring the songs to a live audience as opposed to being limited to recorded music. This is a band that has a passion for playing live!’

Sean is super-stoked for fans to hear GARRETT’s upcoming album “Bridges” due out October 27, 2017.

“It should inspire and uplift people. It should inspire them to rock too, but the lyrics are generally hopeful and reflective and look to brighten an uncertain world…It should also evoke a classic sound with a modern edge; it should make people want to listen to it again and again; there are a lot of layers to these songs; they can’t all be unpacked at one sitting…there are hopeful, reflective lyrics set to progressive melodic rock music…the theme of the album is music for thought with a positive message.”

Their first single “Harder To Breathe”, a track about letting go and reconnecting is now streaming at the following link:

Live, GARRETT really makes their music come alive. They are true performers playing all around the Vancouver area with enthusiastic energy, talent and great overall musicianship.

 “We genuinely have a great time performing live, there’s no place we’d rather be!”

Track Listing :
1. Never Too Late
2. Harder To Breathe
3. Bridges
4. Systematic
5. Sister Moon
6. Feeding The Crazy
7. Panamania
8. Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
9. Red Light
10. Rain

Album Credits:
All songs written by Sean Garrett ( except Harder To Breathe) Sean Garrett & Brian Jones.

Guitar on Systematic by Mike Schau
Produced by Sean Garrett & Brian Jones
Mixed by Matt Roach
Engineered by Matt Roach & Pherbie Midgley @ Greenhouse Studio, Van. B.C
Mastered by Brock McFarlane @CPS Mastering, Van. B.C.
Additional vocals : Amanda Dean – “Rain”  & Sarah Wandell – “Harder To Breathe” & “Systematic” (Bridges, Systematic & Rain recorded & mixed by: Mike Shau)

Rain’ guest guitar solo: Mike Schau
Album artwork by: Chris Cossalter

Sean Garrett – Vocals/Keys
Frank Baker – Drums
Brian Jones – Guitar / Vocals
Garry Koenig – Bass / Vocals

Garrett – Harder To Breathe

Garrett – Never Too Late

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