Gaillion originally had a short, yet bright, trajectory when three high school friends, Todd Howard, James Vasquenza and Don Gunn, decided the best thing to do in 1989 was to self-produce and self-release a CD titled “Admit One”, something generally unheard of at that time. Add to that already ambitious feat their rather progressive and heavily Rush-influenced music, it was easy to see the then-teens set their sights quite high, indeed (particularly in the music scene of central Connecticut, USA).

Following a smattering of shows through southern New England during 1990, the band ended as quickly as it had begun. Fast-forward to 2014 and the 25th anniversary of the original disc’s release; Gunn, now a professional recording/mixing engineer, had kept the original multitracks and remixed the record, hoping to bring the sound of the album to a more current sonic state. Remixed and remastered, this is Gaillion, and their only commercial product, “Admit One”, as it was envisioned to sound 25 years ago.

Don and Todd continued to write and record music together (all unreleased), from 1991 through 2002, when they both lived in Seattle, a period of creativity that yielded some 25+ completed songs, and a dozen other ideas that never saw the light of day. Demos of most of this material was recorded and mixed by Don, and still exists – perhaps one day to be either re-recorded or officially released on the band’s own independent label, Red Sun Records.

Since 2009, initially at the encouragement and insistence of James, the trio began devoting one week a year to gather in Seattle at Don’s recording studio in Seattle to write and record brand new material. Several new songs are currently underway, and the first of these to be released, “Letters From The Skipper”, dropped on May 7th 2015, to an extremely enthusiastic reception. The guys expect to be able to release new material every 3-6 months with this writing/recording model. All the while, they continue to explore technology that will allow them to do more work “together but separately” from New York, Seattle and Ventura, even when they are unable to be in the same room; the end of year “Seattle Gaillion Summits” will no doubt continue as long as possible.

Drums, Percussion / Don Gunn
Vocals, Bass, Keys / Todd Howard
Guitar / James Vasquenza Jr.

Latest News

The new Gaillion EP – “Renewal and Release”.  This essential 5 song EP features the brand new single, “The Focal Point”, as well as updated mixes of the four previously available singles, “Letters from the Skipper”, “Backslide”, “Lorelei”, and “The Unraveling” – all newly mastered for one unforgettable package. Available everywhere 10.20.17.


Gaillion – Lorelei

Gaillion – Letters From the Skipper

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