Gabriella Metz EP – Breaking Infinity

Gabriella Metz EP – Breaking Infinity

GABRIELLA METZ- EP “Breaking Infinity” (self-released, 3 May 2019)

  1. Why Don’t You Love Me
  2. Walls
  3. Grey
  4. Broken
  5. Awake
  6. Why Don’t You Love Me (Alternative Version)
  7. Broken (Acoustic Version)
  8. Grey (Acoustic Version)

Gabriella Metz is a phenomenal female singer from Cyprus. She was lucky enough to discover her voice charisma and talent and cultivate it from a very young age. So, despite still being very young, Gabriella comes with a very strong and remarkable back catalogue of music schools she attended through the years including London College of Music, where she received her Vocal Performance Diploma, and the famous Berkley College of Music, where she studied Professional Music.

“Breaking Infinity” is Gabriella’s debut mini album. It is consisted of 5 very beautiful and deeply emotional original songs plus alternative/acoustic versions to 3 of them. The album basically circles around depressive and sad emotions which at some point we all may feel in our lives and they may seem to us like infinity. Nevertheless, this circle will eventually break one day. So, at the end of the day there is a positive message in this work and “Breaking Infinity” makes sense.

The album begins with the song “Why Don’t You Love Me” and Gabriella shows right from the start what she is capable of doing with her angelic, but powerful voice; she can travel at ease between styles and genres like jazz, blues, pop and opera. For example in “Awake” she reaches up to very high notes and her vocals match operatic standards. The rest of the songs (“Walls”, “Grey” and “Broken”) are all very beautiful examples of Gabriella’s undoubted vocal skills.

The alternative version of “Why Don’t You Love Me” shows the way a song can be transcribed to something else keeping its core. The acoustic versions of “Broken” and “Grey” close the album in the best possible way; these songs remind us of the way a song is actually composed. Both of them have a softer approach and remain sensitive, but in another way.

“Breaking Infinity” is a fabulous release. It stands above the microcosmos of music genres and shows that a talented and hard working new singer from Cyprus is born in discography. I think all we have to do is welcome Gabriella in the warmest possible way!

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