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Have you heard the Urban Myth about Pin Floyds Dark Side of the Moon being totally in synch with The Wizard of Oz? Well, this is what happened to me, whilst listening to I Found Peace for the first time:

fVerb’s “I Found Peace” and its “The Wizard of Oz” moment.

I started listening to the album just as my train to Swansea was pulling into Bridgend station. This meant that I had almost heard all of “When God is in Me Variation 1” before the train set off. The train slowly pulled out of the station and picked up a little speed, just as “When God is in Me Variation 2” begun, with it’s throbbing beats and heavy bass, it seemed to mirror the train’s momentum. I immediately noticed this and found that, with this idea in my head, I could not let it go. 

Onwards we sped and onwards the album mirrored the journey. The train sped through Pyle and on to Port Talbot as the music, now at the 2 minute mark of “Screaming World Var1”, mimicked the train’s ‘heartbeat’ with its percussion sound that plays under the speaking section. 

Even though I was already convinced by this point, further proof presented itself in the form of the beginning of “Screaming World Variation 2”. The introduction of the sound of wind was perfect for my view outside the train’s window as the chilly afternoon breeze played and danced with the weeds at the back of Port Talbot station. We were here for a minute or so, as if we were waiting for the cymbal rhythm to begin before being allowed to continue our journey. 

I remember looking around the carriage at the other passengers, feeling a little disappointed for them for missing out on this bizarre event. I wondered if I should tell the people nearest to me, but no, they’d probably take me for some kind of madman (I was, after all, wearing a mask).

Onwards we went and arrived at Neath, “I Found Peace” with its pumping brass and tooting sounds emulating the passengers alighting and boarding the train…This was magic. I was in this little world of my own (no change there) but it was a secret world, that no one else was even aware of.

The train seemed to take forever to leave Neath. Was it waiting for musical direction or was this just a coincidence?

The train eventually continued it’s progress towards Swansea. At this point I had to make some calls before I arrived, so I paused the album and would continue my ‘fVerb journey’ later. 


fVerb, an experiment in sound conducted randomly in 2013 by Jeremy Gluck and Greg Healey, finally finds its release on SWND Records. Poems written and read by Jeremy Gluck were mixed by Greg Healey and finally remixed by Jeremy Gluck as “Variations”, with Variation One: Greg Healey mix and Variation Two: Jeremy Gluck remix.

Healey’s musical compositions are inspired by the film scores of Herman Berrman and the TV scores of Dudley Simpson and Geoffrey Burgon. Gluck’s influences span Ginsberg, Burroughs and a plethora of poets, songwriters, and artists, notably Rothko and Gustav Metzger.

Words Jeremy Gluck Music Gregory Healey

Destruction and Noise Jeremy Gluck

Artwork by Adele Evans

Experienced as a cult recording artist, songwriter and lead singer and who continues to achieve success as a solo recording and artist, Jeremy Gluck has collaborated with and had songs covered by several artists including Amy Nuttall, Lydia Lunch, and Rowland S Howard. Jeremy Gluck’s presence on the cult rock’n’roll and underground electronic music spans two centuries. Singer and lyricist with The Barracudas, 1978-date, whose records command an international following. His album with Robert Coyne, “Memory Deluxe”, was released in 2013 on Flicknife Records. Jeremy’s music is available widely, on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and many performing other online and physical outlets. Currently releasing on SWND Records.

Greg Healey is a writer, visual artist and musician. He has been writing about music and culture for over ten years for a variety of publications. He was a staff writer for the American arts journal Redefine and in recent years he has become a regular contributor of interviews, features, think pieces and reviews to Shindig! Magazine. Beginning in 2004 Greg became an early champion of net labels and creative commons music, writing for the German net audio bible Phlow and producing and presenting the internationally popular Analogue Island show for Penwith Radio, before going on to become a regular DJ for Dandelion Radio. As a musician Greg has released three albums under the name Healey Island and has enjoyed a wide range of radio play, including on BBC Radio 6. He has shown his art works throughout the UK and in Europe and continues to explore ideas around narrative and memory through his video pieces. Greg co-wrote Sharp! Flicknife Records & Other Adventures and is currently writing a book about the politics and culture of the 1970s for New Haven Publishing.

fVerb – I Found Peace (Greg Healey Mix)

fVerb – I Found Peace

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