Fuzz Lord

Fuzz Lord

Introducing Fuzz Lord, the heaviest band out of Chillicothe, Ohio!!!  After spending a serious amount of time drinking and listening to tunes for their radio show The Fuzzdome (COREOFDESTRUCTIONRADIO.COM), DJ Fuzz Lord and Lord Buzz decided to bring their ideas and conceptions of heavy to life with FUZZ LORD. 

After recruiting Stoner Dan Riley on Bass, the bone-crushing three-piece power trio recorded their debut EP The Key in Silence which combined slow grooves with fuzzed-out heavy guitar riffs. Now in 2018, Fuzz Lord will unleash their tale of the rise of Hades with their self-titled LP released on CD and Cassette on March 23rd via Fuzzdoom Records.

Fuzz Lord is:
Steven ‘Fuzz Lord’ – Guitar 
Lawrence ‘Lord Buzz’ – Drums/Vocals 
Stoner Dan Riley – Bass/Vocals 

Past praise for Fuzz Lord:

Fuzz Lord lives up to its name with a crushing yet melodic output of heavy stoner/doom. The guitars attack with progressive intros and interludes with an asphyxiating rhythm drenched in fuzzy groove. The vocals command like a whiskey driven pirate exploring the stage like a ship on shark infested waters.’ –The Ripple Effect

Fuzz Lord – The Lord of the Underground

Fuzz Lord – The Key in Silence

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