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Future Radio’s new raw and edgy release is hard to ignore

You Can’t Ignore Me Anymore, is the latest release from South African rock outfit, Future Radio. This raw, edgy, and emotive punk track deals with the idea that people easily ignore you on the road to success, but once you achieve success, everyone wants to be your friend.

The song sets a fierce tone by jumping straight into the chorus. This is followed by an instrumental section that includes a powerful guitar riff and a secondary vocal hook. A prominent, yet groove-based drum part is the focal point of the verses. The bridge is played in a halftime feel and the vocal melody is layered with an octave above and below, creating a sinister feel. This is followed by a screaming guitar solo, which leads into a final double-time chorus. The lyrics are a response to naysayers from the viewpoint of someone that was shunned on their path to success.

While You Can’t Ignore Me Anymore, maybe a little dig at the bands’ critics, the underlying idea of wanting recognition for something that you’ve worked for is universal. Johnny, Future Radio’s frontman and songwriter, says the song is specifically written as criticism towards the gatekeepers of industries who believes that they own the right to decide who does or doesn’t have access to a community or identity. “I’ve experienced it first-hand and it’s especially rife within the music industry”, he says. “The sad part about it is that these gatekeeps’ little empires never last, mainly because they stick to what they know and don’t allow fresh and new acts within their sphere of influence. Nothing will ever last without renewed fresh ideas and perspective.”

For the song’s music video, visual artists and guitarist, Drikus Roets, have decided to flip the script and internalise the overarching message of the song. “In this episode, the protagonist is faced with his own demons, who is basically saying, ‘You can’t ignore us anymore”, he explains. “The character then has to come face to face with his own fears and insecurities. On a less serious note, I and Johnny always joked that; people might not like our band, but they can’t ignore us”, he smiles.

With each release, Future Radio is breaking new ground and expanding their audience. This is evident in their ever-growing social media following and plays. Not only has each of the single releases from their upcoming second album, Identity, been charting across various radio stations, but the tracks have also been playlisted on official digital streaming playlists. Skye Mallac from Texx and the City writes, “…as Future Radio spools out track after track of pure, clean-cut rollicking rock goodness, I can’t deny their overarching charm. The sort of charm which will always keep you coming back for more”. The band was selected as one of the 22 acts, out of 300 applicants, to perform at the annual Fête de la Musique Joburg 2022. As this release suggests, this hard-working duo is walking the talk and proving why they are hard to ignore.

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