It can be tough to find like-minded musicians in a small town like Wilson, NC. Luckily for progressive rock three-piece Frontside, they were able to cultivate a long-term musical bond at a pivotal point in their adolescence. From their upcoming fourth release Closer to Closure EP, due June 12th, Frontside is pleased to announce the EP’s opening track “Give It Up”.

“The song is about relationships, and the nights we spend losing sleep contemplating their meanings. Sometimes, despite sincere efforts to move on or find a rational conclusion, you find that it’s hard to give it up.” – Walter Stanley, guitar/vocals

In “Give It Up”, elaborate guitars flow over assertive, emotional vocals from Walter Stanley like a cool Autumn wind piercing through orange and red dying leaves. The instrumental technique explored in “Give It Up” is reminiscent of Dance Gavin Dance and The Dangerous Summer, with a faster punk twist.

About Frontside

In 2008, Walter Stanley, Jacob Glover, and Joshua Grady came together with a common goal – to create music that would not only be catchy for any listener but would also satiate their urge to add a more technically impressive dimension to their songs.

After a number of small independent releases, they began to gain traction locally with the release of their EP Cheers and Fears From The Past Year in 2013. They went on to tour the east coast extensively and were also afforded the opportunity to open for acts such as He Is Legend, Finch, and Maps & Atlases. In 2016, they released another EP, You, Of All People. This release was followed by a sudden and brief hiatus, but after being approached by LA-based label We Are Triumphant, the decision was made to re-emerge and combine the two EPs to be released as a full-length album. Essentially, Eventually was released in February of 2018. Given this new platform, the band was now able to reach fans around the globe.

The band has now recorded a new EP that will be independently released in May of 2020. Closer To Closure consists of 5 songs that the band had written prior to CAFFTPY, though they have been rearranged and re-recorded to match the sonic standards the group now holds.

Frontside – Give It Up

Frontside – Almost There

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