Front Row Warriors

Front Row Warriors
sign with ROAR! Rock of Angels Records!
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Release: 17 January 2023

Front Row Warriors sign with ROAR! Rock of Angels Records!

Founded in 2019 in Stuttgart by Jay-G, drums (Shining, Sharon), Elkie Gee, vocals, (Ampyre, Antares), and Sorin Badin, a well-known Romanian guitarist (Cardinal, Samsara, Crystal Maze) under the name Front Row Warriors and reached its current formation 2020 with the addition of Richie Seibel, keyboards, (Lanfear, Ivanhoe, Them) and Timo Michels, bass, (5th Season, Pump). In summer 2022 guitarist Stef Binnig-Gollub (Septagon) joined the band. The band’s goal is to take the audience on a musical journey through the era of Hardrock and Metal of the past 30 years and to create catchy hooklines with outstanding guitar and keyboard work. Each band member represents one of the various styles and influences that make up the sound of the Front Row Warriors.

The result is impressive, so in 2021 the band was chosen as “Germany’s Best Hardrock Act” by the German Rock and Pop Musicians Association.

The successful mixture of AOR, driven 80s and 90s-inspired hard rock and snappy up-tempo numbers as well as epic ballads, can now be found on the hotly anticipated debut under the name “Wheel Of Fortune”, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler and Michael Bormann.  As a special guest the US-American singer Todd Michael Hall (J. Starr’s Burning Starr, Riot V) shines in a duet. Singer Elkie was voted the best hard rock singer of 2022 with the song “Dystopian time” by the German Rock and Pop Musicians Association.

Today we proudly announce the signing of a multi-album deal with FRONT ROW WARRIORS and welcome the band to the ROAR! Rock of Angels roster.

Front Row Warriors:

Jay-G – Drums
Elkie Gee – Vocals
Sorin Badin – Guitars
Richie Seibel – Keyboards
Timo Michels – Bass
Stef Binnig-Gollub – Guitars


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