From Ashes Reborn

From Ashes Reborn

Founded in 2017, after a record-breaking time, the talents from Wittlich present a fulminating first work, which even leaves some older chapel in the field quite pale in terms of culture of playing and flow of notes.

The fabulously lively and virtuously celebrated guitar work on “Existence Exiled” fulfills the highest demands. At the same height parries the stunningly powerful and equally accurate drumming, which is a stable guarantee for musical sovereignty even in the most explosive blast-beat outbreaks.

Also, shouter Ronni, a real monster on the mic, was clearly born to stretch his vocal-cords in this troupe quite a bit – powerful growls of all kinds are his thing!

The material was recorded and produced in the established Klangschmiede Studio E in cooperation with producer Markus Stock. And the manifold dynamics of this disc were tailored with the right and suitable sound on its massive body.

Sound master Stock, also known for his serious works in Empyrium, The Vision Bleak and Sun Of The Sleepless, feels and knows from a long experience exactly what a special band like FROM ASHES REBORN wants and needs.

The aim of the deliberately taken studio choice was to refine the songs with a large-scale, organic sound, so to speak, to achieve a ‘ultra-dark’ atmosphere. Goal achieved!

The result is an all-encompassing album, full of epic-dramatic direct hits, which achieves its efficiency through detailed vehemence and the harmonious listening pleasure through refreshing, compositional class.

“Existence Exiled” is therefore a manifest of radiating passion, permeated by the spirit of the Scandinavian pioneers, that simply does not let you go as a worshiper of such art.

FROM ASHES REBORN create on “Existence Exiled” fascinatingly diverse landscapes, all of beastly beauty, whose musical being nourishes itself from corresponding lyrics.

“Existence Exiled” was officially released on May 1, 2018. And already with the first notes connoisseurs and gourmets are sure to dealing with a timeless masterpiece. An excellent feast for demanding maniacs. (Markus Eck)

From Ashes Reborn – Fight for the Light


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