Swedish power metal veterans FRETERNIA release their second official video for the song “Dark Vision”!

The track is taken from the band’s new album “The Gathering” out now and can be viewed here below.

After 17 years of silence, Freternia has now returned. One of the founding bands of the Swedish Power Metal phenomena dating back to 90’s. The band is well known in the metal community and now returns with their third full-length album “The Gathering”. Inspired by fantasy, real life and personal tragedy, the variety of the 12 songs is simply amazing. From the fantasy inspired track “Dark Vision” to the more darker and deeper “Last Fragments Of Sanity” Freternia present a solid, powerful yet melodic album that stands out from every other release of the genre. The idea behind the creation of “The Gathering” was to blend the highlighted and distinctive moments from both first albums and mix in some new elements aiming to make the listeners’ mind float away in this dream world called “Freternia” with hints about the harsh reality of the world that we all live in. A solid and bullet proof production with a touch of pure love to making music is the recipe for a 12-track long album that will surely compete with the classic Freterniaalbums. Guitars that cut the air mixed with intense drumming with the opening track “Reborn” being the best example of what Freternia is capable of delivering transiting to the more orchestral “End Of TheLine” that really shows the wide talent of the band. The long wait is over. Freternia is here to stay!

Pasi Humppi – Vocals
Patrik von Porat – Guitars
Tomas Wäppling – Guitars
Nicklas von Porat – Bass
Tommie Johansson – Keyboards
Oskar Lumbojev – Drums



1.    Intro
2.    Reborn
3.    Last Crusade
4.    The Escape
5.    In Solitude
6.    Eye The Shadow Of Your Sins
7.    End Of The Line
8.    Fading World
9.    Change Of Life
10.  Last Fragments Of Sanity
11.  Dark Vision
12.  Final Dawn
13.  Age of War

Freternia – Dark Vision

Freternia – Reborn

Freternia – End of the Line

Freternia – Battle of Minds


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