Future 1990
Release: 18 January 2023

FREQGEN releases Sebastian Komor’s remix of ‘Future 1990‘, out now on FiXT.

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Sebastian Komor Delivers A Stunning
IDM-Flavored Remix Of FreqGen’s “Future 1990”
Out Now Via FiXT

Klayton, the pioneering artist and producer known as Celldweller, drops a new IDM-flavored remix from his FreqGen project “Future 1990” from producer Sebastian Komor.
The original “Future 1990” pulled inspiration from ’90s techno, acid house, and hardware samplers with sci-fi undertones. Sebastian Komor takes the track even further delivering a stunning futuristic rendering of “Future 1990” filled with pulsing energy and laid-back vibes intertwined with ethereal vocals. The track is a vibrant fusion of IDM, Deep House, and Techno yet maintains an overall chill soundscape.
“Future 1990” (Sebastian Komor Remix) is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT. 
FreqGen is the electronic music playground of artist/producer Klayton (Celldweller) Using modular synths and analog hardware, FreqGen delivers an expansive journey ranging from ambient and downtempo to IDM, techno, and drum & bass, and a bevy of ’90s-inspired electronic genres
With roots grown from aggressive electronic artists such as Prodigy, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and Frontline Assembly, Sebastian Komor experimented with a variety of techno/EBM projects in the mid-90s before forming Icon of Coil with vocalist Andy LaPlegua in Norway, in 1997.
Icon of Coil was soon signed to Tatra Records, and within a few short years was known worldwide as one of the seminal acts in the new Futurepop genre. The mid 2000s saw Komor expand into additional genres such as aggrotech and industrial dance with new projects Komor Kommando and Zombie Girl, both on Belgian label Alfa Matrix. Meanwhile Komor amassed a gargantuan list of remix credits for world-class artists including Apoptygma Berzerk, Theater Of Tragedy, VNV Nation, KMFDM, Alphaville, Celldweller, Front Line Assembly, and Juno Reactor.
In late ’07, Sebastian came to the attention of FiXT Music. in 2010, FiXT released Komor’s full-length Squarehead and Moonitor projects. Most recently Komor has put all of his focus on Melt, a full-band industrial metal machine now signed to Metropolis Records.”

FREQGEN release new album ‘Future 1990s’, out now on FiXT.

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Celldweller Presents A Return to
 ’90s Electronica with FreqGen
Future 1990s
Album Out Now + Stream “Future 1999” (feat. Celldweller)

Klayton, the pioneering artist and producer known as Celldweller, has released Future 1990s – a full-length album of ’90s-inspired electronica from his project FreqGen. Capping the release is a lyric video to the final track, “Future 1999” (feat. Celldweller) out now.
Future 1990s is an expansive journey ranging from ambient and downtempo to IDM, techno, and drum & bass, and a bevy of ’90s-inspired electronic genres. The tracks on the album represent a year from the ’90s starting with “Future 1990” and ending with “Future 1999” (featuring Celldweller). The album is available now via Klayton’s owned/operated label FiXT.
Each single pulls influences from ‘90s electronic music, ranging from the acid techno of the title track “Future 1990,” to the hip-hop and turntable scratching of “Future 1991,” concluding with the downtempo and chill “Future 1999” featuring a sampling from Celldweller’s “Mother’s Arms” and reimagining them for a new era within FreqGen’s detailed, expertly crafted sonic landscapes. Future 1990s is a perfect homage to the ’90s.
“As I was making music with my metal/industrial project Circle of Dust in the ‘90s I was influenced by the innovation of electronic music producers of that decade while simultaneously being inspired by movie soundtracks like Hackers, The Matrix, Strange Days, and Blade,” states Klayton. “Fast forward a couple of decades to the success of my hybrid electronic-rock project Celldweller and my synthwave / ‘80s new-wave inspired project Scandroid. I now had the tools and experience under my belt to go back and finally explore producing the sounds of the electronic music that I loved from the ‘90s. Come back to a time that defined me: Future 1990s.” 
“Future 1990s” is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT. 

FreqGen – Future 1990

FreqGen – Future 1999 (feat. Celldweller)

Celldweller presents: FreqGen – Future 1990s (album trailer)

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