Freedom of the City

Freedom of the City

Manchester’s Freedom of the City Remind Us Of What Life Was Like Before Lockdown With New Single ‘Turn It Up’

While 2020 might not have been the year anyone was expecting, it’s reassuring to know that there’s band’s out there reminding us of what it was like before the shit hit the fan. Freedom of the City are one such band. A four-piece hailing from Manchester, they’re a band that eschew the image-is-everything mentality harboured by many of their Mancunian contemporaries and instead let their music speak for itself.

A combination of indie rock swagger and stadium-ready anthemia, coupled with a quiet nuance that belies the band’s dynamic nature, they’ve honed their sound and cut their teeth on festival stages and venues up and down the country, garnering an army of fans and a slew of well-received singles in the process.

The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘Turn It Up’. Three minutes of bold, brash indie rock, it seeks to encapsulate the sweat-soaked energy once seen in so many venues nationwide. Whilst the track itself is a balls to the wall banger, it’s also fittingly relevant.

“We wanted to get as close to our heavier live shows as possible with this track, trying to keep the energy and the feeling that WE get from YOU lot when we play live.” And well they might. At a time when venues, grassroots or otherwise, are faced with staff layoffs and closures, are reliant on government handouts and funding from charitable causes, ‘Turn It Up’ isn’t so much a single as a call to arms, a rallying cry to anyone who has ever spent time in a dingy club or basement, and for anyone who wants to again.


Freedom of the City – Turn it up

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