Freddy Gonzalez

Freddy Gonzalez

Freddy Gonzalez has a great twist on pop music. The artist brandishes a solid form of pop in the EP just dropped called Show You.Combined with is brother (producer SamUiLL), Freddy’s singing creates a soul-fueled EP that comprises three singles and  each one is better than the next. A real story teller, here is what Freddy had to say about making the record: 

 “I try to convey a subdued intensity in each song, a tension between melancholy and hope, as if a sad song suddenly started to smile, that’s typical of my music. The songs are stories, but not journal entries.  I seek not just to bare my soul to the world but to write genuine songs that touch not only my personal issues, but all of our common issues.”

Freddy Gonzalez – Show You

Freddy Gonzalez – Ballin Out Here

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