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Freak Mythology

Formed in late 2012, members Brad Wehlitz, Travis Hanna, Ryan Shephard, and bass player Caroline Joseph blend together a mixture of blues rock’n’roll and psychedelia creating an abstract yet punchy sound.

They’re serious about music, as they all started to make it a huge part of their life at a very young age. Brad and Ryan met each other in elementary school, immediately connecting through music, and a short time after they both came to meet drummer Travis Hanna. Experimental jam sessions gave way to the idea of Freak Mythology. Basement psychedelia, influences of blues, jazz, and funk, and a drive to make something different spawned a sound that imitates the classic feel of rock in a whole new way. After five long years of writing and perfecting their music, Freak Mythology has finally finished up in the studio and released their first album on April 7th, 2017. The album is a testimony to the concept of movement, change, and the experience that comes with it. Let it take you for a trip, track to track, and you’ll hear a story about entrapment, confusion, motivation, and action.

 Freak Mythology currently plays shows in Cincinnati as well as Athens, Ohio, and will expand their horizons upon the release of their first album.

Lead Vocals, Guitar / Brad Wehlitz
Vocals, Guitar / Ryan Shephard
Vocals, Bass / Caroline Joseph
Percussion / Travis Hanna

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Freak Mythology – Wake Up

Freak Mythology – Headed Out

If you like your music to take you somewhere then Headed Out by Cincinnati Indie/alt rockers Freak Mythology is just the track for you. It’s dreamy start invites you to just lay back, close your eyes and ride along as the band move you from place to place. The superb guitar solo is so beautifully gentle that you’ll want to hear it again and again. I love this track.

Pete Devine Feb 2017 Pete’s Rock News and Views


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