‘Francis’ is comprised of singer/songwriter Alex Wesley and an ever evolving pool of musicians that help take the ideas to the studio and stages.

Born in Milton Keynes, England, Alex started playing music at the ripe age of 4 with the piano and over the years tried his hand at various instruments before landing firmly with the guitar – and never looked back. With their new release ‘The Long Way Back Around’ singer/guitarist Alex says:

“This EP was really started nearly 6 years ago – at that time I had been playing with a different group on what was really a pop record and so the sound of these tracks really came from wanting to let rip and rock out. A drummer friend and I locked ourselves away in a studio for a week and recorded the basis of the record, then a few additional sessions later on as some of the songs grew and developed over time finished it off – since then it’s been gathering dust so it’s really exciting to finally be able to get these tracks out there to people. It really has been a journey from start to finish and getting Universal Music MENA on board has just been the icing on the cake.” With influences including Foo Fighters/Queens of the Stone Age as well as Coldplay and Radiohead from conception to release the journey of this record has taken Alex across the UK and Europe, the depths of Africa, west coast USA and the Middle East playing shows and getting the music out there. ‘The Long Way Back Around’ is the result of a concentrated moment of frustration from Alex playing with every band that would have him to finding his way with his own sounds and ideas. “The EP closes with the track ‘I Feel So’ which is sonically quite a way away from the rest of the EP . The track closes with an arpeggiated synth sound that fades out and this is where what I know is coming next begins. It’s the end of a cycle of life and the beginning of a new one – let’s see what happens?”

– Let’s see what happens…

Francis – Breakdown

Francis – Take You Out

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